In our real estate, hotel and scenic planning, commercial facilities such as "Hope Outlet Shopping Park" and Hope Intelligent Valley Industrial Park, as well as "Homeland Hotel Management Co., Ltd.", "Homeland Hotel" and "Xiqiang "Homeland Hotel", "Mumian Lake Houseboat Homeland Hotel", "Qizi Bay Homeland Hotel" and many other high-quality hotels.

Hope•Outlets Shopping Park

Hope • Outlets Shopping Park brings together mainstream international brands from all over the world, including luxury, light luxury, trendy luxury, fashion designer brands, sports and leisure brands, children's products, food courts, etc. In this exotic Mediterranean cultural tourism shopping resort, you can taste and buy international top luxury products, limited fashion products, sports and leisure products, as well as Venetian gondola boats, and Eurasian cuisine.


Hainan Qizi Bay Homeland Resort Hotel

Hainan Qizi Bay Homeland Resort Hotel will create the most unique romantic water house hotel, sea restaurant and super five-star resort hotel.


Xiqiang Homeland Hotel

Xiqiang Homeland Hotel is a four-star hotel designed and built according to the "characteristic, personalized and national" standard, which fully embodies the culture of Qiang nationality. The hotel has a construction area of 12,000 square meters, with 174 high- and mid-range rooms and luxury suites.


Homeland Hotel

Chengdu Homeland International Hotel is a five-star palace garden hotel integrating business and leisure. It has 266 elegant guest rooms and 37 villas with different styles. It is also the best wedding theme hotel in China.


Homeland Hotel Management Corp., Ltd.

Home International Hotel Management Corporation, based on international advanced management concepts, conducts comprehensive management of Homeland Hotel (five-star), Xiqiang Homeland Hotel (four-star standard), Atlantis Club, Hainan Club, etc. We also undertake external hotel management services, which are highly recognized by our partners