President Mr. Chenbin attends Celebrity Enterprise Management Seminar of HKCCC

On the auspicious day of October 16, 2014, Mr. Chenbin, the president of CHG is invited by HKCCC to attend the seminar with other chamber members at Chengdu Regis Hotel in sharing his success and analyzing domestic, especially the investment climate, potential and future economic trend of western region of China.

Sichuan has attracted a considerable number of foreign enterprises to join in with its favorable investment environment and the advancing western development. At present, there are thousands of Hong Kongers working and living in Sichuan, while enterprises invested by Hongkong capital have exceeded 4000. How to better fit in the local culture and investment environment becomes a common concern for external investors.

The seminar was commenced by Mr. Lizhihao, the vice president of Chengdu HKCCC and GM of HK Swire properties’ Chengdu agency. On behalf of Chengdu HKCCC, Mr. Li expressed his gratitude for President Chenbin’s attendance, shared his experience and expertise in management and introduced President Chenbin and CHG to the audience.

Mr. Hu Gangwen, the utive of Chengdu HKCCC and MD of western CBRE hosted the dialogue session. President Chenbin started with official GDP data and real-term experience, attracting serious interests of the audience. All presented members listened carefully to President Chenbin’s sharing and exchanged ideas and thoughts with him through Q&A.

Later on, on behalf of Chengdu HKCCC, Mr. Huang Siyuan, the president of Chengdu HKCCC and director of New World China Land Chengdu region and Mr. Li Zhihao presented a gift to President Chenbin.

Over 100 senior managers and officers attended the seminar and listened carefully to President Chenbin’s experience and expertise with rapturous applause.

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