Group Business Philosophy

Excellence Beyond Border

HOPEers are in limitless pursuit of escalating life purpose;

HOPE enterprises are in boundless pursuit of transcending product and service standard;

HOPE’s infinite development space, operational potential and creativity.

Group Vision
Make the Sky Clear, the World Greener, the Life Better

Group Mission
Create Higher Value for Customers with Excellent Products and Service
Group strategy
With high technology as the core and comprehensive utilization of resources as the link, Continental Hope Group carries out diversified, digital, intelligent and international strategic layout around "energy saving and environmental protection, circular economy, quality life, urban music and intelligent technology". We insist on the business philosophy of "Excellence Beyond Border" and the mission of "creating higher value for our customers with excellent products and services", upholding the striving culture of CHG, carrying forward the spirit of diligence and practical work, achieving high-quality sustainable development and building a world-class enterprise.