Hope Group was co-founded in 1982 by four brothers, Liu Yongyan, Liu Yongxing, Chen Yuxin and Liu Yonghao.It has been awarded by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China and other authoritative institutions as "the first of the 500 largest private enterprises in China", "the first of the top 100 private technology and trade enterprises in China" and "the first of the top 100 largest private manufacturing enterprises in China", becoming a banner of private enterprises in China.

After years of steady development, CHG has now developed into a diversified and comprehensive group integrating six industries: mechanical and electrical, energy and chemical, cultural and tourism real estate, construction turnkey, intelligent technology and international business.The industry involves energy saving and transmission control, new energy, central air conditioning and intelligent epidemic prevention system, construction engineering, intelligent engineering, salt chemical industry, power grid, hydropower station, new materials, high-end hotel, business, scenic spot, park, real estate, intelligent health and feed, food, finance, investment, artificial intelligence, great health and other fields.

With high technology as the core and comprehensive utilization of resources as the link, CHG's industrial layout revolves around "energy saving and environmental protection, circular economy, quality life, urban music, intelligent technology and international business".We have formed a tight, three-dimensional upstream and downstream industrial chain to compete in a large-scale industrial cluster model, and have long been committed to providing excellent products and services for the Chinese and international markets.