From 1982 to the present, Hope Group has been dedicated to goodgovernance and sound management, and “hope” has gained a certain momentum.

We have developed from traditional to modern, from transmissioncontrol and waste heat utilization to energy saving and environmentalprotection. We’ve combined energy, chemicals, and new materials into one circulargreen industrial chain. And we’ve focused on urban quality of life in order tobuild a total package of hotel, tourism, and real estate offerings. Every stephas been a leap of faith, full of endless hardships and thorns, but every stagehas also been a testament to Continental Hope Group’s mission and socialresponsibility.

Along the way, we have adhered to our values of “focus onpeople, sincerity, trustworthiness, customer success, and communitycontribution.” Hope people create a brand reputation in every office locationand reinforce claims to corporate responsibility with meaningful actions.Because we have always believed that “business is not only entrepreneurs orshareholders, but includes society and everyone in it,” we believe thatenterprise development is a prerequisite for social development. I believe thatif we rely on you, we can work together to create an enterprise lastinghundreds of years.

An excellent environment is the center of the Hope Group’sbusiness philosophy; this includes excellence in products and services and thepursuit of excellence in life. Not every entrepreneur’s dream is built to last,so we seek people who share our aspirations. We shoulder the historical andsocial mission entrusted to us, and we want to have a high degree of socialresponsibility so that we can achieve wonderful things while carrying out our dream.