Dr. Chen Bin

One of the founders of Continental Hope Group

Continental Hope Group President

Ph.D from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Vice President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Executive Vice Chairman of CFOCE

Vice President of the Economic Association of Sichuan

Vice President of the Sichuan Travel Association

Visiting Professor at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Visiting Professor of Sichuan University

Mr. Chen Bin was born in Chengdu and graduated from Sichuan International Studies University, Sichuan University, and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. He studied under Professor Liu Shibai, a well-known economist, and received a doctorate degree in economics. He is the co-founder of the Continental Hope Group and the current president of the group. He serves as the executive vice president of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen, the vice president of the Sichuan Economic Association, the vice president of the Sichuan Tourism Association, the vice president of the Sichuan International Chamber of Commerce, and the Chinese Honorary chairman of the hotel organization, honorary chairman of China Golden Key International Alliance, honorary chairman of Chengdu Federation of Industrial Economics and other social positions.

President Chen Bin was successively named "China's Top Ten New Entrepreneurs", "100 Outstanding People in China's Economy", "News Figures in China's Automation Field", "Chinese Marketing Figure of the Year", "China's Automation Field of the Year", and "Reform "Outstanding Entrepreneur of Sichuan Province for 30 Years of Opening Up", "Person of the Chinese Hotel Industry in the Thirty Years of Reform and Opening Up", "Outstanding President of China's Hotel Industry", "Best Investor of the Year in China's Hotel Industry".

President Chen Bin was invited to attend international summits such as the APEC Summit, "The Singapore Summit", and "Eye China Global Forum", and was also invited to attend Harvard University, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan University Special lectures, keynote speeches and related forums from famous institutions of higher learning, as well as special lectures for the president class of the Sichuan Economic Association. President Chen Bin selflessly exchanged and shared his many years of management experience with Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, MBA and EMBA students.

The five-star "Chengdu Home Hotel" and the Atlantis "Oceanheart Clubhouse" invested and operated by the group's companies have been selected as international academic forums, economic salons, and international cultural education and business for global business and academic leaders. It has successively hosted "Harvard Future Leaders"-Dialogue with China (Chengdu Station), Stanford Business Elites-Dialogue with China (Chengdu Station), "Atlantis Night" Elite Cocktail Party, and Nobel Laureate Sino-US Economics International economic, cultural and business exchange activities such as the Economic Salon attended by celebrities, political and business celebrities, and the Chinese delegation from the British Federation of Industry and Commerce. It has repeatedly hosted famous scientists, economists, political and business leaders from the United States, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia, India and other countries.

In the field of operation and management, President Chen Bin uses modern enterprise management concepts, combined with the group's own characteristics and advantages, and has many unique methods in operation and management, leading the team to make the group steady and rapid development.

The group has nearly 1,000 invention patents, utility model patents and proprietary technologies in the fields of energy, chemical industry, electric power, electronics, machinery and other fields. Its subsidiaries, Hope Slanvert Technology Company and Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Company, have been included in the National Torch Program, and have been awarded the first brand of domestic inverters in China and "China Famous Brand" for many consecutive years. They have participated in the "Second World Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry China Development Conference" In the previous year, Slanvert and Deepblue air conditioner were both rated as industry leaders.

Deepblue central air-conditioning was selected as a national key new product and is the largest central air-conditioning production base in western China. The group's energy and chemical sector integrates energy and energy-consuming chemical industries to create a high-quality, high-efficiency circular economy industrial chain integrating clean energy, power grids, salt chemicals, and new materials, which is included in the Harvard Business School circular economy business case.

The five-star Homeland Hotel invested and built by the group won the "Best Business Travel Hotel in China" and "The Best Featured Wedding Hotel in China".

The Group's Atlantis property, hotel, and scenic area projects have also won the "Green Asia Ecologically Liveable Area Demonstration Award", "China's Eight Luxury Real Estate", National AAAA-level Scenic Spots, and "Golden Key Alliance Top Ten Outstanding Service Enterprises" ", "China's Most Valuable Tourism Complex Five-Star Diamond Award", Hainan Province's key cultural tourism projects and other honors and awards.

As a platform for the group’s international business development, the overseas business department is responsible for the important functions of overseas procurement and sales. The group’s energy-saving products, central air-conditioning, and sodium chlorate products are exported to Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, India and other countries.

Continental Hope Group has now developed into a diversified comprehensive group focusing on the five major industrial divisions of machinery and electrical, energy and chemical industry, tourism real estate, construction general contracting and smart technology. The industry involves energy conservation and new energy, transmission control, HVAC, intelligent technology, epidemic prevention systems, construction engineering, network engineering, sodium chlorate, hydropower development, sapphire, tourism, hotels, scenic spots, parks, real estate, feed, food, finance Investment and other fields.

Since January 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic around the world has made scientific prevention and control against COVID-19 a new task for economic revitalization. President Chen Bin organized the group's electromechanical and intelligent technology sectors to work together. Under the leadership of the group's chief scientist Liu Yongyan, he used his own technological accumulation and industrial resource advantages to help epidemic prevention and economic revival, and jointly developed a smart anti-epidemic system solution: including "central air-conditioning super anti-epidemic system (central air-conditioning super N95)", "Germ Killer", "FTI-MED Kit", "intelligent temperature measurement and inspection robot", "medical-grade green intelligent environmental management system ( "Smart sterilization robot)", "Natural bamboo fiber anti-epidemic health package" and other products, which are widely used in various scenarios such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, government centers, hotels, office buildings, factories, homes, etc., to help economic revival with scientific epidemic prevention and smart health products.