On 23 June, 2022, Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, was invited to attend the Inaugural Meeting of “Overseas Chinese Think Tank for Flourishing Sichuan & Assisting Chongqing”.

In February 2022, Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, was appointed as Honorary President of the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange.

Dr. Bin Chen, President of CHG, and Mrs. Heidy Liu, Vice President of CHG, were invited to attend the 4th Business Leaders Excellence Conference organised by Business China on 25 September in Singapore by closed-door video conference.

In July 2021, CHG and Dr Bin Chen, the Group's CEO, were awarded the "Advanced Individual in the Fight against Epidemics".

President Bin Chen attending the ceremony for Shenlan’s “Chinese Domestic Inverter Brand” award

President Bin Chen guest hosting the 2009 Asia Hotel Forum and Fourth

President Bin Chen at a reception for a British business delegation

Talking to Kotler, the world marketing guru

President Bin Chen winning the 2009 Best CEO award at the 12th annual meeting of Growth of China

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