The Group Conducted Emergency Rescue Skills Training for Employees

"Cardiopulmonary resuscitation pressure should be even and not too violent, mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration should let the patient lying down.”. On April 3, in the multifunctional hall of Chengdu Homeland Hotel, Continental Hope Group Human Resource Administration Centre and Group Trade Union jointly carried out with Shuangliu Red Cross to provide a training for all employees of the Group on the knowledge and skills of emergency rescue.

The event aimed to impart important emergency care knowledge and skills to staff through the guidance of professional Red Cross emergency care skills instructors. The activity not only enhanced staff's safety awareness and emergency response capability, but also demonstrated the Group's social responsibility, as well as its humanistic care for staff and customers.

Wu Weidong, General Manager of the HR & Admin Centre of Continental Hope Group, said, "In particular, the hotel management company under the Group's Cultural Tourism Hotel Division, as a member of the internationally renowned Golden Key International Alliance and Platinum Butler Alliance, has always been committed to improving the quality of hotel services, and on the basis of the strict implementation of standardised services, it should carry out similar training on a regular basis, so as to continuously improve its products and service levels."

The training was comprehensive and practical, including on-site CPR skills, basic trauma care techniques (haemostasis, bandaging, immobilisation and handling), and emergency response measures for common emergencies. It also covered emergency care methods in case of family emergencies so that staff can play a key role in the home environment as well.

The training adopted a combination of theoretical and practical teaching methods, and the participating staff showed great enthusiasm and interest in learning and actively mastered various rescue skills.

In addition, this training also focuses on life safety knowledge to ensure that employees can act quickly and effectively in the face of emergencies, reducing potential casualties and economic losses. In the future, Continental Hope Group will also carry out regular and occasional trainings on production safety and life knowledge, so as to create higher value for customers with excellent products and services.

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