Little Tennis, Big Future

——Hope Chaoda Youth Tennis Training Base Officially Granted a Plaque

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Tennis Association and Youth Tennis Training Base Awarding Ceremony was held at Hope Chaoda International Tennis Club. At the ceremony, Dr Chen Bin, President of Hope Chaoda International Tennis Club, Homeland International Tennis Club and President of Continental Hope Group, said that the awarding of the plaque is a reflection of the flourishing development of Sichuan's tennis field. Dr Chen Bin said that as a tennis enthusiast, he has witnessed the rise of Sichuan's tennis industry, and hoped that Chaoda will continue to cultivate more children and young people to participate in tennis, and carry forward the spirit of Chinese sports.

Luo Maoxiang, Chairman of Sichuan Tennis Association, emphasised the importance of sports to children's growth, especially the cultivation of sportsmanship and the honing of their will at the awarding ceremony. He pointed out that sports not only can help children to be physically fit, but more importantly, can mould their will quality and inject strength and faith into their growth path. He said that the Sichuan tennis programme has a very deep foundation, and the awarding of Hope Chaoda as the Sichuan Junior Tennis Training Base will further promote more and more young people to get in touch with and love the sport of tennis, so as to build up a healthy body and a positive attitude towards life.

Hope Chaoda International Tennis Club focuses on professional tennis training, the development of youth tennis, and cultivating tennis players and popularising the cause of tennis. As one of the most professional tennis training bases in China, its management team manages a dozen tennis venues training bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Langfang, Nanning, Baoding, Hainan and other places, 163 tennis courts, with hundreds of excellent Chinese and foreign professional tennis coaches and physical trainers. Since its development, it has trained nearly 1,000 top tennis students, who have received offers from major universities and famous overseas schools. It is foreseeable that there will be more and more Chinese tennis stars rising in the future.

Sport is related to the health and happiness of the people, the enhancement of the quality and efficiency of the economy and society, and is one of the important manifestations of a country's cultural soft power. The Programme for the Construction of a Strong Sporting Nation clearly proposes that by 2035, the sports industry will become a pillar industry of the national economy.  Yin Jian, Director of the Youth Division of the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, said that in recent years, the development of youth tennis in Sichuan has shown a "blossoming" trend, with both traditional sports schools and professional youth sports clubs such as Hope Chaoda, as well as a number of specialty schools focusing on tennis. She believes that over the years, the awareness of tennis in Sichuan has been increasing, and becoming more and more popular, and Hope Chaoda will play a more and more important role in this process. As the champion of women's windsurfing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yin Jian has long been committed to the development of the sports industry, and has made positive efforts and contributions to the construction and modernisation of Sichuan as a strong sports province.

After a simple awarding ceremony, Sichuan Tennis Association and Homeland International Tennis Club played a fellowship match. The match attracted many young participants to watch. Qin Jinggang, deputy secretary of the Tennis Management Centre of Sichuan Sports Vocational College, said that in tennis, youngsters can learn the sportsmanship of overcoming difficulties and surpassing themselves. He pointed out that the development of youth tennis needs the attention and support of more social forces, and Hope Chaoda is one of the representatives of enterprises participating in the construction of tennis.

Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, said that in the course of development, the Group has formed a highly responsible system of corporate public welfare and social responsibility, which includes the Hope Chaoda International Tennis Club and Homeland International Tennis Club, adding more power and opportunities for the growth and health of young people. In the future, the Group will adhere to the concept of "Excellence beyond Border" to make the sky bluer, the world greener and life better!

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