A Tribute to Every Hard-Working Person

With the warm spring breeze and the revival of everything, we usher in a special day - May Day International Labour Day. In this festival belonging to all hard workers, the Group pays the highest respect to every labourer who has been working silently in different positions.

May Day is not only a common holiday for workers, but also a celebration of the value of labour and social contribution. We are well aware of the importance of each position, whether it is the workers operating machines in the front line, the staff planning projects in the office, or every colleague quietly dedicating themselves to the logistic support, you are the indispensable and valuable wealth of the Group. Your sweat forges the development of the enterprise; your persistence helps the progress of the industry.

CHG always adheres to the philosophy of "Excellence Beyond Border" and is committed to creating a favourable working environment and development platform for its employees. We believe that only when the happiness and satisfaction of our employees are guaranteed, the productivity and creativity of the enterprise can be continuously enhanced.

On this special day, we hope every employee can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Finally, we would like once again to pay tribute to all the hard-working workers and thank them for every effort they have made for the development of our society. May your labour be respected and may your lives be filled with happiness.

CHG Labour Union

Apr. 30th, 2024

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