Deal Closed with Michelin: Another Addition to Hope Deepblue’s List of World Renowned Clients

Hope Deepblue's overseas sales have been very successful recently. In the face of the complicated international environment and the strong competition from rival manufacturers, Hope Deepblue has successfully won an order for a hot water type bromine machine from Michelin, a world famous brand and the tyre industry giant in Italy; the machine will be used in the process of cooling and air conditioning in the tyre factory.

The Classic Michelin Logo - Mr. Tyre "Bibendum"


Founded in 1889 and headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is a world-renowned company with a history of more than 130 years. Ranked among the top 500 companies in the world, Michelin is well known for its 68 factories worldwide and supplies 200 million high-quality tyres to customers in more than 170 countries and territories worldwide every year.

It is no easy task to become an equipment supplier to an international giant like Michelin. It is a comprehensive competition of many factors such as technology, solution, quality, price, service and brand influence. The project attracted eight well-known international and domestic brands of bromine machines to participate in the tender, and the competition was extremely fierce. The client had already purchased and used one foreign branded unit, which was operating stably, so it was even more difficult for Michelin to switch to another brand this time. Michelin, as a world-class company and a global leader in the tyre industry, has high requirements for the quality of its equipment suppliers, and the quality of the supplied bromine machines will have a direct impact on the quality of the tyres it produces. This tender is a renovation project where the condition of the plant cannot be changed, the direction of the unit takeover has been determined, and space for lifting is very limited, which is a great test of the supplying manufacturer's ability to cope with and design the unit. Despite the difficulties and the competition from many excellent manufacturers, Hope Deepblue won the order with its advanced technology, reliable quality, all-round service and many overseas case studies, supported by flexible and perfect technical solutions and scientific and rigorous quality management plans.

Michelin Tires


With the deal closed with Michelin, Hope Deepblue's list of world-renowned users extends again. In China, many state enterprises and well-known companies such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, the five major power generation groups, China Energy Conservation & Environment Protection Group, Baotou steel, Baowu Steel and Everbright Greentech have been long-term partners of Hope Deepblue. Overseas, units made by Hope Deepblue have been exported to dozens of countries and regions in five continents, serving the headquarters of the European Union, Boeing, Ferrari, Coca-Cola, PRADA, Eni Oil Group, Riva Shipyard and other internationally renowned clients, and have been successfully applied in iconic projects such as the Pope's Hospital, Rome Central Railway Station and the Sandberg heating station in Denmark, providing Chinese solutions to the green low-carbon development of the world.

EU Headquarters

Boeing Aircraft European plant

Boeing Aircraft Project Room

Ferrari plant

Coca-Cola's European plant

Papal Hospital

Eni Oil Group

Rome Central Station


City heating station in Sandberg, Denmark

Riva Shipyard, Italy

Hope Deepblue will continue to implement the development concept of "Based in China, Serving the World" and strive to set an example of "Chinese-Made” brand that goes  international.

Hope Deepblue

Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd. is located in the West District of Chengdu High-Tech Zone, Sichuan Province, and is a national key high-tech enterprise and a member of the "Double Carbon" Leading Group. The company has strong technical advantages and has obtained nearly one hundred patents and proprietary technologies. We have developed and produced various types of lithium bromide absorption chiller and hot water units, lithium bromide heat pumps, various types of vacuum central hot water units and atmospheric pressure hot water boilers, cooling, heating and electricity distributed energy systems, air purification and disinfection products. It has become a recognized "waste heat utilization expert" in coking, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, power plant and other industrial fields, and has been awarded as "the world's leading enterprise in waste heat recovery in the field of environmental protection and new energy industry in China".

Hope Deepblue, making the world greener and the sky bluer.

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