On July 18, Continental Hope Group and Bank of China Sichuan Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Chengdu Homeland Hotel. Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, and Mr. Wang Guo, President of Bank of China Sichuan Branch, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches, Wang Jun, Vice President of Bank of China Sichuan Branch, Chen Yan, Vice President of Bank of China Sichuan Branch, Wu Shixiong, General Manager of Finance Department of Chengdu Management Department, Luo Hang, General Manager of  Private Banking Department, Zhang Haiyan, General Manager of Business Department, Zheng Liang, President of Xinjin Sub-Branch, Hu Jin, Deputy General Manager of Sales Department and other relevant leaders and officials attended; Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of Continental Hope Group, Li Zhaohui, Secretary to the Board of Directors, Wu Nengjun, General Manager of the Group's Financial Audit Centre, Wang Wenjia, General Manager of the Investment and Development Corp. Ltd, He Jianbo, General Manager of the Electromechanical Division & General Manager of CHG Hope Intelligent Technology Division, Shen Anlin, Assistant General Manager of Financial Audit Centre of the Group & Financial Director of Hope Cultural Tourism, Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office and the financial officers of each industrial division attended the meeting.

After that, the two sides discussed and exchanged views on the Group's industries and the bank's financial products, and on the comprehensive deepening of strategic cooperation between banks and enterprises.

President Dr. Chen Bin welcomed the visit of President Wang Guo and his delegation. Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Continental Hope Investment and Development Corp., Ltd. made an introduction to the development of Continental Hope Group: After years of steady development, the Group's industry involves mechanical and electrical, general-contracting construction, energy and chemical, Hope cultural tourism and real estate, and intelligent technology and other fields, and its products not only spread across the country and serve Chinese enterprises, but are also exported to dozens of countries/regions in five continents, such as the European headquarters of Boeing, Ferrari, Coca-Cola Europe, Eni Oil Group and the headquarters of the European Union. The Group's future development will be geared towards green energy management, new energy and intelligent manufacturing, green and low-carbon clean energy and new materials, intelligent engineering construction, high-quality cultural tourism, intelligent recreation and health care, etc.

Dr. Chen Bin, President, pointed out that the technological innovations of the Group's intelligent technology division have been successfully applied to practical scenarios. In the field of health, the medical-grade intelligent health management system realises human-computer interaction and three-level early warning for health monitoring, and can be applied in hospitals, communities, nursing homes and families; in the field of intelligent farming, the intelligent inspection robot and the intelligent wearable system for vital signs can provide protection for cost control and animal health in large-scale farming. The intelligent and flexible robots independently developed by the Group's intelligent technology division not only can safely and efficiently address the needs of different application scenarios, empowering industrial intelligence, health and agriculture with modern intelligent technology, but also empowering banks with safe financing for the agriculture and livestock industry through intelligent farming.

Dr. Chen Bin, President, then said that Bank of China, as a commercial bank with a continuous operation of over 100 years in China, has been actively fulfilling its responsibilities, actively integrating into the overall development of the country, continuously deepening reform and development, and providing comprehensive financial services to its clients. Bank of China has a long history of cooperation with the relevant business divisions of Continental Hope Group in the areas of corporate business, retail business, international settlement and other financial cooperation, as well as a long-term and common high-quality customer base, and there are extensive prospects for cooperation between the two sides.

 President Wang Guo expressed his gratitude to Continental Hope Group for its warm reception. He said that Bank of China has a comprehensive global service network and a full range of financial products, focusing on the development of eight major financial businesses, including technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, cross-border finance, supply chain finance, consumer finance, wealth finance and county finance, to serve the new development pattern of "double cycle".

President Wang Guo praised Continental Hope Group for its outstanding achievements in high-tech fields and diversified development. He said that Continental Hope Group is a high-tech enterprise, empowering industrial investment and development with high technology, especially the high-tech enterprises encouraged by the state, such as specialties and intelligent industries, oriented to the needs of the people, born in response to the times and benefiting society and mankind, and it is a large comprehensive and diversified enterprise with great compassion and prospects. Bank of China is willing to provide specialized financial services for Continental Hope Group in line with its development strategy, and to serve the Group's industries and personal wealth preservation and appreciation and is confident and full of expectations for the future of cooperation between the two sides.

During the meeting, leaders from both sides also had in-depth communication and exchanges on mutual concerns such as technology finance, inclusive finance, cross-border finance, consumer finance, smart recreation, financial leasing, digital RMB, mortgage consumption and intelligent payment.

Wu Nengjun, General Manager of Financial Audit Centre of the Group, and Chen Yan, Vice President of Bank of China Sichuan Branch, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Wang Guo, President, and Wang Jun, Vice President of Bank of China Sichuan Branch, together with Chen Bin, President, and Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of Continental Hope Group, witnessed the signing and took a group photo together with the leadership team of both parties.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman, and and Chief Scientist of Continental Hope Group, shared with Mr. Wang Guo and the guests his journey of focusing on high-tech research with a poem he composed, "Yi Ge Bi Huai Gu (Remembering Gobi and the Ancient Times)" and gave President Wang Guo an autographed copy of his poetry collection “Yong Yan Xin Qu”

Prior to this meeting, Vice President Wang Jun had led a team from Bank of China Sichuan Branch to visit Continental Hope Group for research, and Executive Vice President Heidy Liu Haiyan had been invited to lead a team from CHG to pay a return visit, and then taken on a tour in the Digital RMB Lab of Bank of China Sichuan Branch, both parties had had an in-depth exchange and discussion on the cooperation areas between banks and enterprises, the BOC team had investigated and inspected projects such as the Hope Intelligent Medical Care project and further specified the scope and content of cooperation between the two sides. It was in such context that Continental Hope Group and Bank of China Sichuan Branch reached an agreement on strategic cooperation. With the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will further promote cooperation in corporate finance, personal finance, project referrals and business complementation in accordance with the principle of "mutual support, mutual cooperation, enhanced cooperation and joint services" to achieve mutual benefits and win-win cooperation. The two sides will work together to pool industry resources, further deepen the cooperation mechanism between banks and enterprises, achieve complementary advantages and jointly promote high-quality development.

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