CHG and Chengdu Nandou Digital Intelligence Technology Held a Symposium

On June 9, Mr. Xia Tian, Chairman of Chengdu Nandou Digital Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. and his party came to the Group for discussion and exchange, accompanied by President Ma Shaoqiu and others. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, and Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors, attended the meeting. Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office of the Group, Tao Li, Deputy General Manager of Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd., and relevant personnel of Hope Intelligent Technology accompanied them. The two sides had a discussion and exchange on cooperation affairs such as intelligent community and healthcare.

Chairman Xia Tian and his party visited the Group's Exhibition Hall and showed particular interest in the Group's green environment intelligent management cloud platform system and intelligent recreation and health solutions. They spoke highly of the intelligent temperature measurement system, the N95 smart disinfection system for central air conditioning and the intelligent monitoring system for vital signs launched by Hope Intelligent.

At the symposium, Vice President Cheng Yifeng extended a warm welcome to the visit of Chairman Xia Tian and his delegation and gave a brief introduction to the development and industrial layout of the Group. He said that Continental Hope Group has experienced 40 years of development and, as a technology-based modern enterprise, has ploughed deep into the mechanical and electrical, intelligent technology fields for many years, developed and launched many high-quality technology and intelligent products and application scenarios, gathered excellent upstream and downstream industry chain partners, and occupied an important position in the industry. At present, cooperation and partnership have become the dominant trend in the mainstream market. In order to grow steadily, enterprises need to expand open cooperation and seek common development with other enterprises. We hope that both sides will take this opportunity to expand their business cooperation, give full play to their industrial, professional and resource advantages and implement them into concrete projects, so as to achieve a strong combination and complementary advantages and further promote their common development.

Chairman Xia Tian introduced the development layout and business situation of Chengdu Beidou Digital Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. He said that as China's economy moves towards high-quality development, the trend of intelligent living is becoming increasingly strong, and the market demand for intelligent lifestyles such as intelligent communities and healthcare will grow. Continental Hope Group is the benchmark of local private enterprises in Sichuan and has been deeply engaged in the fields of electromechanics, architecture and intelligent technology for many years, and has also launched a series of excellent products and application scenarios around the high-quality development of the city and the better life of the society, which have won the unanimous recognition of the market and society. The two sides have a lot of room for cooperation, and we very much hope that both sides will enhance communication and cooperation, fully explore and integrate each other's advantageous resources, so as to achieve joint progress and mutual benefit.

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