Focus on Strategic Customers to Promote Win-Win Cooperation

——Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Led a Team to Visit Key Enterprises and Negotiate Cooperation Projects


Complement each other's advantages and achieve win-win development


On May 30, 2022, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a team to visit CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd, and was warmly received by Zhang Fu, Deputy General Manager of CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd., Bai Chenghai, Director of Market Management Department, Feng Xuhua, Deputy General Manager of Bomay Electric Industries Co., Ltd., and Yang Shuangye, Director of the Control Institute of the National Research Center. He Jianbo, General Manager of the Electromechanical Division of the group, and Chen Weixiao, General Manager of Xi'an Senlan Electrical Co., Ltd., accompanied the participants.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party visited the exhibition hall of CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd, learned more about the company's development history and industrial layout, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on how the two sides can promote pragmatic cooperation, achieve win-win development, and jointly build industry benchmarking demonstration projects.

At the symposium, Deputy General Manager Zhang Fu introduced in detail the industrial structure layout and strategic development planning of CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd.; Mr. He Jianbo made a special report on the development history of the Group and its advantageous industries, and Mr. Chen Weixiao gave a key presentation to Hope Slanvert's advantageous products, feature services and typical cases. Deputy general manager Zhang Fu said that CHG as an outstanding private enterprise representative, deep ploughing industry sectors, focusing on scientific and technological innovation and development, is committed to promoting and upgrading the traditional industries, and its industrial division Hope Slanvert is recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the third batch of specialized new "small giant" enterprises, in terms of professional technology and independent innovation, both of which have been widely recognized by the industry. I hope that the two sides can strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation, give full play to their own advantages, and promote the upgrading of traditional industries.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng expressed his heartfelt gratitude to CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd for its warm reception. He pointed out that after 85 years of technical precipitation and innovative development, CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd has become a leading enterprise with a market share of over 85% in the industry, possessing a number of core patented technologies and successfully solving the bottleneck problem of imported products. Over the years, CHG has focused on the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing and intelligent transmission and control, insisting on customer demand as the guide, enriching and improving service functions and product systems, promoting innovation and transformation, promoting business development, and continuously providing quality products and services to society and customers. We hope that both sides can strengthen communication and exchange in technological innovation and market expansion, integrate characteristic advantageous resources and achieve high-quality development together.


Independent innovation to help the transformation of the industry

On June 1, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a team to visit Zhang Hongru and Wu Suzhua, Vice General Directors of Xinghua Fortune Group Fujian Longgang New Material Co. Ltd., Zhao Geng, Vice General Manager of the Operation Department, and Zhang Linjun, Engineer of the Power Project Group. He Jianbo, General Manager of the Group's Electromechanical Division, Wang Zhongyuan, Director of South China Region of Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd. and Xiong Ziping, chief engineer of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd.

At the command centre of Fujian Longgang Digital Factory, Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party watched the introduction of four projects of Xinghua Fortune Group, namely "Steel Transformation 4.0, Industrial Internet 4.0, Agricultural Development 4.0 and Rural Tourism 4.0", which lead the innovative development of the industry, and the promotional video of Xinghua's corporate culture construction. General Manager He Jianbo introduced in detail the Group's industrial structure, development status and the main products and business layout of the mechanical and electrical division and the intelligent technology division.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng said he was deeply impressed after learning more about the "intelligent steel industry 4.0 customized production demonstration project". In recent years, Xinghua Fortune Group has been accelerating the pace of steel mergers and acquisitions, and through technological transformation and product restructuring, it has achieved high-quality development with reasonable process layout, advanced technical indicators, safety and environmental protection standards, low asset and liability ratio, and good economic benefits. The electromechanical division of CHG, actively adapting to the national strategic development needs and vigorously developing green low-carbon circular economy, has successfully launched high-quality and highly reliable motor control, waste heat recovery products and solutions with strong scientific research strength, which are widely used in many scenarios at home and abroad and highly praised by users. We hope that both sides will rely on their respective advantages, focus on the construction of the "double carbon" goal, and carry out multi-level in-depth cooperation in the fields of transmission control, maintenance services, waste heat recovery, etc., and work together to achieve win-win development.

Vice General Director Zhang Hongru extended a warm welcome to Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party. He said that under the leadership of Chairman Chen Maochun, Xinghua Fortune Group insisted on implementing standardized management, promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, focusing on environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction, developing circular economy and taking the road of sustainable development. As representatives of excellent private enterprises, both CHG and Xinghua Fortune Group have made outstanding achievements in different fields. We hope that both sides can strengthen cooperation in transmission control, low-carbon environmental protection and waste heat recovery, give full play to their technical advantages, and forge brilliance for the development of private economy and revitalization of national industry.


Technology empowers and promotes intelligent upgrades

On June 2, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a team to visit Hua Weiqi, Executive Vice President of Shandong Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd, Lv Longzhuang, Chief Electrical Expert, Zhang Chenglin, Director of the President's Office, Zhang Feng, Deputy General Manager of the Material and Equipment Department, and Du Guangming, Assistant General Manager and Production Preparation Electrical Manager of Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management Co. He Jianbo, General Manager of the Group's Electromechanical Division, Zhang Shulin, Executive Deputy General Manager, Xiong Ziping, Chief Engineer of the Air Conditioning Division, and Wang Huaiyong, General Ganager of the East China Region of the Transmission and Control Division, accompanied them.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party visited Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.’s brand exhibition hall, viewing platform and R&D centre, and had an in-depth communication with relevant persons in charge on site. Mr. He Jianbo gave a detailed introduction to the Group's industrial divisions such as intelligent technology, mechanical and electrical, energy and chemical, tourism and real estate, and general construction, while Mr. Zhang Shulin and Mr. Xiong Ziping gave a comprehensive introduction to the innovative technology and advantageous products of the Group's industrial units Hope Slanvert and Deepblue Air Conditioning respectively.

Vice President Hua Weiqi said, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd is a company of new chemical materials operating on a global scale, adhering to the belief of "Chemistry makes life better!” This is in line with CHG's corporate values of "putting people first, keeping promises, achieving customer success and giving back to society". We hope that the two sides can cooperate extensively and deeply in the future to promote common development.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng said, Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd always adheres to science and technology innovation as the first core competitiveness, and continues to optimize the industrial structure, forming four industrial clusters of polyurethane, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and emerging materials, with six production bases and factories, forming a strong production and operation network. As a technology-based modern enterprise, CHG has been deeply engaged in the electromechanical, energy and chemical fields for many years and has gathered excellent upstream and downstream industry chain partners, occupying an important position in the industry. Both parties have a lot in common in terms of industrial layout and strategic planning. We hope that both parties can integrate their advantageous resources and lay a good foundation for the subsequent joint promotion of high-quality development of core industries.

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