Love Inspires Hope in Students and Prompts Dreams for Future

On May 20th, the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University sent a letter of appreciation to the Group, expressing its most sincere respect and gratitude to the Group for providing the Hope Slanvert Scholarship in Zhejiang University for 20 years and supporting 240 outstanding students to forge ahead and pursue their dreams and creativities.

Letter of Appreciation from the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University

In the letter, it is stated that, as a famous high-tech enterprise in China, Continental Hope Group, with its virtue and love for the people, has always been engaged in the development of national charity and education, and has actively supported and generously helped the development of education by setting up Hope Slanvert Scholarship. Over the past 20 years, it has helped 240 outstanding students. During this period, Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Group, and Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, visited Zhejiang University to present awards and deliver keynote speeches to the winning students, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and creativities, and providing corporate strength for the steady development of talent training at Zhejiang University.

In 2002, Mr. Liu Yongyan, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, and Dr. Chen Bin, Co-founder and President of CHG, signed a contract to establish the Hope Slanvert Scholarship at Zhejiang University, which kicked off 20 years of inspirational education.

As an enterprise with a big heart, Continental Hope Group has been adhering to the Group's values of "people-oriented, sincere and trustworthy, helping clients succeed and giving back to the society", taking the initiative to fulfill its corporate responsibility, making a number of positive contributions to poverty alleviation and epidemic prevention, winning a good social reputation and establishing a good corporate image. Since 2004, the Group has been laying out its energy and chemical and cultural tourism industries in Maoxian County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, adding endogenous power to the revitalisation of the region's countryside and the fight against poverty. After the outbreak of Covid-19, Continental Hope Group combined the technical advantages of five major high-tech companies at home and abroad, invested human and material resources, worked around the clock and worked diligently to develop and produce a series of products for precise prevention and control of Health China, and took the initiative to provide them to party committees and governments, hospitals, schools, public welfare organisations and other units to help with scientific and precise prevention and control with high-tech products, and made every effort to provide society and the public with scientific, safe, effective convenient public health precise epidemic prevention and control services.

In the future, the Group will continue to fulfil its corporate social responsibility, strengthen the cooperation with universities, and continue to support students with public welfare, igniting hope and spreading dreams with great love and friendliness, helping students to achieve their dreams.

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