The Second General Meeting of the Chengdu Medical and Healthcare Integration Promotion Association and the Renamed Members' Representative Meeting Was Held at the Group

On May 7, the second session of the Chengdu Medical and Healthcare Integration Promotion Association and the renamed members' representative meeting was held at the Group in a combination of online and offline methods. Zhang Feng and Gou Dazhi, leaders of the Chengdu Health Commission, Chen Shao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the No.8 People's Hospital of Chengdu and Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, attended. Member representatives from a number of hospitals and elderly institutions, including the Chengdu Second Social Welfare Institute and Sichuan No.3 Veterans Hospital, attended.

The meeting reviewed and approved the work report and financial report of the first session of the Association; voted on the charter – The Decision to Change the Name of the Chengdu Medical and Healthcare Integration Association (renamed as Chengdu Medicare Integration Association), the draft amendment to the Constitution and the election methods of the General Assembly; elected the members of the second session of the Council and the Supervisory Board from medical institutions, elderly care institutions, enterprises of colleges and universities and authoritative experts across industries in the city. After the General Assembly election, Secretary Chen Shao was elected as President and 23 people including Vice President Cheng Yifeng were elected as Vice Presidents.

After the meeting, the guests visited the Group's image exhibition hall to gain an in-depth understanding of the Group's current status and development history, focusing on the green environment intelligent management cloud platform system and intelligent recuperation solutions. They spoke highly of the intelligent recreation equipment such as intelligent nursing beds and said that Continental Hope Group had launched many excellent intelligent recreation equipment, which provided solutions to the urgent problems in the field of elderly care in the future and was greatly admired. As a professional association with the theme of "integration of medical and healthcare", it is a bridge between government departments such as health, civil affairs, human resources and social welfare, elderly care institutions, and medical institutions. We look forward to Continental Hope Group giving full play to its resource advantages and working closely with the Association in the future to create benchmark projects for the integration of medical and healthcare and to contribute to the development of the "integration of medical and healthcare" and elderly health services.

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