On 28 December, the "Hope in My Heart" speech competition, organised by CHG's Party Committee, Trade Union and Youth League Committee, was held at the Fontainebleau Hall of Chengdu Home International Hotel. Thirteen participants from the Group's headquarters, departments and divisions told stories of their struggle to grow and progress with the company.

Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, Mrs. Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President, and Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President, attended. Ye Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Qin Manzhen, Chairman of the Trade Union and some cadres and staff representatives attended. Luo Gang, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of Shuangliu District Federation of Trade Unions, Gao Jin, Vice Chairman and Zhou Zili, Vice Chairman of Xijanggang Street Federation of Trade Unions were invited to attend.

At the event, Mr. Luo Gang, Executive Vice President, presented medals to the team that won the "Zhang Qian Model Worker and Craftsman Innovation Studio" in Shuangliu District in 2021. Firstly, he said, he was very pleased. As a flagship of private enterprises in China, CHG actively plays the role of a corporate union as a link, constantly looking for the best fit between corporate staff culture and functional responsibilities, actively creating a team atmosphere of solidarity, love and mutual help, and the Group and its staff are overflowing with a positive spirit. Secondly, I admire CHG for actively taking up its corporate responsibilities, helping to revitalise the countryside with its industrial layout and carrying out various precise poverty alleviation projects to help fight poverty, which have been well received by the community. Thirdly, I am very grateful. CHG has made outstanding contributions to the development of Shuangliu. Thirdly, we are very grateful for the outstanding contribution CHG has made in the development of Shuangliu. We hope that in the future economic and social development, the Group will focus on development and breakthroughs and continue to contribute its corporate strength to the regional economic and social development.

The speech contest was held in a warm atmosphere, with cheering teams organised by the Group's head office and all segments and divisions to cheer for their own participants. Contestants focused on the theme of the speech, or through their own personal experience, or through what they saw and heard, or through their own perception and experience, and expressed the responsibility of "hope people" to be down-to-earth, diligent, and courageous. With the harmonious atmosphere of the team sharing weal and woe and helping each other, we expressed the customer's recognition and praise for CHG, and expressed the group's business philosophy of "excellence beyond boarder"... Everyone's language is simple, their feelings are sincere, and they speak the truth. , conveyed positive energy, all the staff present were deeply inspired and encouraged, and the venue burst into warm applause from time to time.....

After an intense competition, Zhang Ziang of the Hotel and Tourism Business Union won the first prize, Chen Xiaoxia of the Hotel and Tourism Business Union and Yu Ting of the Deepblue Air Conditioning Union won the second prize, and Zhang Zhengsong of the Slanvert Technology Union, Ren Huimin of the Group Headquarters Organisational Sub-union and Luo Yao of the Slanvert Technology Union won the third prize. Vice Chairman Gao Jin, Vice Chairman Zhou Zili, President Chen Bin and Executive Vice President Heidy Liu presented certificates to the winners of the first, second and third prizes and the outstanding prizes respectively.

First prize winner Zhang Zion

Second prize winners Yu Ting and Chen Xiaoxia

Third prize winners Luo Yao, Ren Huimin and Zhang Zhengsong

Merit Award winners Guo Xiangtian, Hu Xijun, Yan Wei, Zong Xiaolong, Li Ang, Yu Wenli, Xiang Luyu

After the competition, Vice President Gao Jin made a comprehensive review of the event and highly appreciated the speech contest. She said she was very happy to be able to participate in this event, and that CHG is a big family, in which I felt a lot of warmth and emotion. The company is a lighthouse for the staff, and if the company has a responsibility, the staff will have hope. Each of the contestants present spoke with simplicity and sincerity, and their feelings were sincere and touching, telling each story as a cluster of starlight, which together is infinite power. We look forward to the Group's continued concentration and focus on development in the future, creating one good achievement after another!

President Chen Bin expressed his gratitude to Shuangliu District and Xihangangangang Street for their concern and support to the Group's development. He said: the Group's steady development is inseparable from the excellent business environment and attentive government services. The Group will continue to adhere to the concept of deep ploughing Shuangliu and actively contribute to the high-quality development of Shuangliu economy and society. Talking about the speech contest, he said: There was no grand narrative from tonight's participants, they were all telling a small, beautiful story that happened to everyone, which is in the DNA of CHG. To do a simple and ordinary job well is to complete the task with quality, and to do a simple and ordinary job to the utmost is to achieve excellence. The steady development of CHG for nearly 40 years is the result of a group of "people of hope" braving hardships, daring to work hard and doing their best to achieve excellence in a simple job.

Finally, leaders of the Shuangliu District Federation of Trade Unions, the Party and Work Committee of Xihangangang Street and the Group took a group photo with the employees who were awarded the "Shuangliu Artisans" and the "Most Beautiful Strivers of the Airport" in 2021.