On December 2, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a team to visit Golden Apple Education Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Chengdu Branch, which are excellent representatives in the field of education and communication, to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the enterprises and work together for common development.

In the morning, Vice President Cheng Yifeng led a team to visit Golden Apple Education Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., accompanied by Xia Chenling, general manager of the company, and Yang Bin, principal of Golden Apple Jincheng No.1 Middle School.

At the seminar, Vice President Cheng Yifeng said that under the orientation of "creating a high-quality kindergarten compatible with the educational ideas of the East and the West", Chengdu Golden Apple has won the unanimous recognition of the community for its high starting point and big picture, and has made every effort to build a full education chain from 0 to 18 years old. It has won the unanimous recognition of the community. In the face of the serious situation of foreign epidemics and the greater risk of importation from abroad, schools, as one of the main environments for young people to grow up in, have a particularly important role to play in building a healthy environment. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, CHG combined the technological advantages of five major high-tech companies at home and abroad and invested human and material resources to develop and produce the Health China Precision Prevention and Control series of products, which have been put into use in hospitals, schools, airports, hotels and other public places. CHG is very willing to actively fulfill its social responsibility and cooperate with Chengdu Golden Apple to provide intelligent epidemic prevention system solutions, using high-tech products to help scientific epidemic prevention and precise prevention and control, and jointly build up a healthy campus safety line.

General Manager Xia Chenling said that CHG has always adhered to the group's values of "people-oriented, sincere and trustworthy, achieving customer success and giving back to society", and has taken the initiative to fulfil its social responsibility, winning a good social reputation and establishing a good corporate image. A healthy campus environment cannot be separated from the high-quality management of schools, nor can it be separated from the concern and support of social enterprises. Both parties are leaders in the industry and hope to strengthen communication and exchange in the areas of campus environment construction and health education and training in the future, to carry out multi-type and multi-faceted cooperation, and to make every effort to create a healthy environment, improve health services, cultivate a healthy culture and help young people grow up healthy and strong.

Subsequently, Vice President Cheng Yifeng led a team to visit China Mobile Chengdu Branch, attended by Vice General Manager Ma Wenting, accompanied by General Manager of Group Account Department Tang Mibo, Manager of Administration Centre of Integrated Department Wang Ru, Vice General Manager of Integrated Department Zhu Yaling and Assistant General Manager of Group Account Department Ou Jin.

During the exchange, participants discussed topics such as cooperation and development between CHG and China Mobile Chengdu Branch.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng gave a detailed introduction of the Group's development history, development strategy and industrial distribution to Vice President Ma Wenting. He said that CHG is a technology-based modern enterprise, focusing on independent research and development, focusing on the five key points of "technology, research and development, mass production, market and service", and is committed to providing customers with the best products and excellent services. In recent years, it has combined artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G communication and other new generation technologies to develop and launch a series of solutions such as precise prevention and control and happy retirement, which have been put into use in hospitals, schools, hotels, airports and other points. China Mobile Chengdu Branch has been following the core values of China Mobile Communications Group, namely "To create a world of wireless communications and to be a pillar of the information society". It is also an inseparable friend of local technology companies in the process of development. There is a lot of room for cooperation between the two sides, and we hope that both sides will enhance understanding and communication, focus on key areas such as big data for health care and "Internet + health care", technology overlay application scenarios, and create a series of benchmark projects to add a new boost to the development of health care.

Vice General Manager Ma Wenting said that CHG has maintained its determination and focus on development over the years, focusing on independent research and development and launching a series of outstanding technological products, which have been well received by the community. At present, China Mobile is promoting an important exploration of 5G application innovation in the healthcare industry, which is also an important practice to implement the Health China strategy, promote the popular application of big data in the healthcare sector, and promote the protection and improvement of people's livelihood. This fits well with the health technology services being promoted by CHG. We hope that both sides will maintain long-term stable communication, give full play to their strengths, complement each other, work together to promote the creation of high standard, high level and high quality star projects, and achieve a multi-win cooperation situation.

Xue Jushi, Minister of Public Affairs of the Group, and Tao Li, Tan Xin and Zhou Gonghua of Hope Smart Technology, Han Lu, Huang Zexiong, Yang Peng and Weng Jia of Hope Silkjoy, and Zhan Cheng of Forevertrust accompanied them.


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