The World Smart City Awards ceremony at the 10th Global Smart City Congress was held on 17 November. Chengdu won the competition against Dublin (Ireland) and Hyderabad (India) to become the global winner of the World Smart City Awards 2021 - Livability and Inclusion Award.

The World Smart City Awards, established by the Global Smart City Congress, are held once a year and are known as the 'Oscars' of the world's Smart City sector, with eight categories including the Livability and Inclusion Award and the Enabling Technology Award. Each award is given to only one city per year, with cities such as Los Angeles, Singapore, St Petersburg, Dubai and New York receiving the award in succession.

The active promotion of intelligent elderly care services into homes and helping the elderly to enjoy preferential treatment more conveniently is one of the key reasons why Chengdu has finally stood out above other overseas cities.

Technology allows care to be with parents at all times

As the ageing process continues to intensify, there is a growing concern on how to cope with the ageing population, improve the community aged care service system and better serve the elderly.

CHG's Hope Koru-IT Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd, with a core team from a listed medical device company, introduces the international advanced concept of intelligent health care. Through self-developed health monitoring, health management, rehabilitation assistance, elderly monitoring, positioning help, intelligent scene and control, access control and security management and other health testing and monitoring intelligent terminals, combined with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies, in collaboration with hospitals, institutions, communities, homes, volunteers, build a health cloud platform, breaking the time and space restrictions on life, it provides 360° health care services for the elderly.

Hope Koru-IT Health Cloud, covering the Smart Wellness big data platform and a range of products for wellness care, mobile care, data collection and assisted diagnosis.

Step 1

The wellness care equipment for the elderly collects environmental data and physiological data from the elderly in all directions, uploads it to the health cloud and generates a summary health profile.

Step 2

When the device monitors a risky situation, the Health Cloud AI will activate a three-level warning response mechanism based on the characteristics of the parameters. Upon receiving the warning information, community and elderly institution resident doctors and hospitals will immediately rush to carry out first aid and send them to the hospital in a timely manner.

Step 3

Through the Health Cloud, doctors can access the health records of the elderly and learn about their basic information, living habits and long-term physiological parameters to assist in accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Data Hub - Smart Wellness Big Data Platform 

Smart Wellness Big Data Platform is the data hub and brain

 ● The whole process of medical and health care services can be recorded, traced and visualised

 ● Help institutions to realize comprehensive informationization, empowering elderly service institutions and upgrading them into intelligent elderly institutions that integrate "medical care, rehabilitation and elderly care".


Recreational and nursing equipment - Intelligent nursing beds

● For elderly patients who are bedridden for long periods of time, patients who are bedridden due to accidents or illness, etc.

●The bed posture is controlled by AI, and the push plate is designed to perfectly fit the curve of the back, simulating the process of pushing the back with human force, and can be adjusted between 0 and 90° to enable the user to turn over easily.

● The head and tail of the bed can be lifted and lowered to allow the user to switch between 'lying' and 'sitting'.

● With a detachable, removable small tabletop design to make eating and reading more convenient and easy


Data acquisition equipment

Smart Blood Pressure Watch

7x24 monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, temperature and other data

Real-time monitoring of health dynamics and early warning services for abnormal symptoms such as heart attacks and brain attacks

Smart Signs Monitor

Monitoring the user's heart rate, breathing rate, body movements and other data during sleep, which is intelligently analysed and generates an exclusive health report

When abnormal symptoms such as heart attack or brain attack are detected, an early warning signal will be sent

Thin and light material, no need to wear, invisible and non-sensitive


Other portable medical testing devices

Smart Thermometer

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Glucometer

Smart Oximeter


Mobile Care

 Intelligent disinfection service robot 

Multi-mode combination of disinfectant ultra-dry fogging + UV lamp irradiation

Autonomous map building, autonomous navigation and automatic obstacle avoidance

Can be used in airports, stations, hospitals and other indoor locations

Intelligent logistics service robots

With voice interaction and face recognition

Enables safe and automatic flow of medical supplies such as drugs, sterile kits, infusion kits and specimens


 Ancillary diagnostics

Smart Health All-in-One

Rapid measurement of blood oxygen, blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse rate and body temperature

Measurement data can be displayed in real time on Android and Apple mobile devices and automatically synchronised and saved

Measurement data records can be uploaded to the Health Cloud platform for processing


At present, Hope Koru-IT intelligent elderly care products have been officially put into use in the "CHG-Caring Ward" of the Eighth People's Hospital of Chengdu, which not only accurately monitors the health indicators of the elderly in hospital and achieves early warning, but also frees up the energy of nursing staff and caregivers to provide more humane care services for the elderly. It also frees up nursing staff and caregivers to provide more humanised care services for the elderly.

Honor old people as we do our own aged parents

Hope Koru-IT will continue to uphold CHG's business philosophy of "Excellence beyond Boarder", actively harness the power of technology, and continue to bring quality products and services in the field of elderly health care, providing safe, effective and convenient public health and basic medical services to the community and the people. We are committed to providing safe, effective and convenient public health and basic medical services to the community and the people.

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