On 26 October, the third salon meeting of Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd. was held in the conference room of the Group's headquarter. In the light of the recent situation of the Group's health technology, President Chen Bin convened Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp. Ltd. to discuss the future development of Hope Health. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, attended.

On the meeting, President Chen Bin said that the meeting was a "diagnosis and pulse" of the development direction and future path of the Group's health technology industry, and that only by strengthening the foundation, digging the potential, promoting the advantages and making up the shortcomings can we achieve the future. We hope that everyone will express their views on the future development, project construction and market potential based on their own fields and express their opinions freely.

The meeting concluded that the global epidemic is still evolving, the external environment is becoming more complex and severe, people are increasingly concerned about health, and the potential of the big health industry is huge. We should deeply understand the national macro policy, grasp the development trend of the industry, carefully plan the overall development strategy and next work ideas, adhere to the unity of milestones and long-term goals, and write a new chapter of the Group's development.

The meeting requested that, firstly, all companies should strengthen the information cross-circle, collaborate with each other, make each other whole, coalesce the development centripetal force, realize the whole army and go to the future together. Second, we should promote in-depth market research, effectively collect information, analyse information, clarify the advantages and disadvantages of ourselves and our competitors, and carry out differentiated competition. Thirdly, we should be based on our ecological background, open up our horizons, enlarge our scope, seize opportunities, make real efforts, actively promote important projects to take effect and provide.

The meeting stressed that it is better to think deeply and move after planning. Each company should focus on the main industry, practice internal skills, strengthen innovation, accelerate product technology upgrading, seize the market gap, and win market recognition. At the same time, we should take multiple measures to grasp the service work, improve the service files, make good service records, and improve customer satisfaction in all aspects.

The relevant persons in charge of Hope Health, Hope Koru-IT, Hope Silkjoy and Forevertrust analysed the current situation and development in depth and offered suggestions on future work ideas and initiatives. Each company has expressed that in the future, they will organize business training from time to time, strengthen communication, enhance understanding, work together, pioneer and innovate, and actively contribute to the Group's high-quality development.


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