Chengdu Branch of China Energy Conservation Group Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Led a Delegation Visit to Chengdu Branch of China Energy Conservation Group

On July 21, the vice president of the group, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, was invited to lead a team to visit the Chengdu Branch of China Energy Conservation Group. The company's executive director Zhu Jun, general manager Peng Yan, deputy general manager and chief engineer Li Zhibin accompanied the inspection. Zhang Min, Director of the Group President's Office, Li Ganbo, Executive Deputy General Manager of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd., Xu Guohua, General Manager of Chengdu Hope Slanvert Electric Corp., Ltd., and Sichuan Forevertrust Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Corp., Ltd. General Manager Zhan Cheng and Deputy General Manager Tao Li of Hope Koru-IT Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd. accompanied the participants.

Executive Director Zhu Jun and other leaders warmly received Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party. Zhu Jun, executive director of the company, said that the Chengdu International Science and Technology Energy Conservation Building, where the company is located, is a high-end, intelligent and environmentally friendly building developed and built by the company, which integrates nine energy-saving systems such as wind power generation system and photovoltaic power generation system, and can be combined with the natural conditions of Chengdu to calculate a comprehensive solution for building energy conservation. At present, the project has been awarded LEED Gold certification for green buildings issued by the United States Green Building Council USGBC and two-star national green building certification. The energy-saving building's advanced design concept, excellent professional technology, outstanding product practicality and good reputation have won unanimous praise from everyone.

During the seminar, Executive Director Zhu Jun introduced the company's industrial content, development strategy, business scale and latest achievements in detail. He said that CHG is a pioneering private enterprise that has progressed and grown with China's reform and opening up, and its steady operation over the past 40 years has shown strong resilience and vigour. The company has had many contacts and cooperation with CHG's Slanvert Science and Technology and Deepblue Air-conditioning, and has been impressed by the quality of equipment and thoughtful services that have contributed to the high quality operation of the project.

He said, with the "3060" goal, the whole society is speeding up the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and energy structure, energy saving and environmental protection industry, as an important support force for green development, is ushering in a major historical development opportunity. As leaders in the industry, the two sides are highly complementary in terms of business content. We hope to firmly grasp the opportunity to establish a good liaison mechanism, share resources and complement each other's strengths, so as to achieve the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the cooperative business. It is believed that rich industry resources overlaid with advanced equipment and technology can create a series of industry benchmark projects and form a good win-win cooperation pattern.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng expressed his special thanks for the warm reception and thoughtful service, and also thanked Executive Director Zhu Jun, General Manager Peng Yan and their team for their concern and support for their past work. China Energy Conservation Group is the largest technology-based service-oriented industry group in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection in my country. It is engaged in industrial energy conservation, building energy conservation, solid waste treatment, sewage treatment, flue gas treatment, environmental monitoring, soil remediation, heavy metal treatment, wind power, solar energy, and new Many subdivided business areas such as materials and health industry, scale and strength are far ahead at home and abroad. CHG has been dedicated to the field of energy saving and environmental protection and intelligent technology for many years. Using its accumulated years of mechanical, electrical and intelligent technology as well as rich experience in products and application scenarios, CHG has successfully achieved operational goals such as energy saving and emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency increase for Sinopec, PetroChina and overseas and domestic customers such as Boeing in the US and Ferrari in Italy. The visit is not only an exchange with the industry in the same field, but also to seek advice and learning from the leading enterprises in the industry to promote their own development and progress. At the same time, he made a special statement that he would continue to do a good job in all services.

He pointed out that, combined with the current national requirements of "building a low-carbon green city and a new type of intelligent city", the application and effect of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies in urban planning and development will definitely become an important assessment element in the future. China Energy Conservation Group and CHG have been working in this field for many years and each has its own advantages. We hope that both sides will deepen their exchanges and strengthen their cooperation in terms of industry dynamics, technical support and advanced cases, so that they can exchange ideas, cooperate and seek common development. We look forward to a new journey of high quality development through a strong alliance and mutual empowerment.

Slanvert Science and Technology, Deepblue Air-conditioning, Forevertrust and Hope Koru-IT gave presentations on the latest applications of their products in the field of energy saving and environmental protection.

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