Never Forgetting the Beginning and Climbing to the Top

CHG Mechatronics Sector 2021 Mid-year Group Building Event Held Successfully

Introduction: Struggle for a century, set sail for a new journey. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, CHG Mechatronics Sector held a 2021 mid-year group building activity from 17 to 18 July. Group Vice President Cheng Yifeng and Party Secretary Ye Jun participated in this activity.

The CHG Mechatronics Sector's 2021 mid-year group event, "Never Forgetting the Beginning, Climbing to the Top", was the start of a journey to discover the poetry of the midsummer season.

This team building activity was organized by CHG Mechatronics Sector, from the middle and above management of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd., Hope Slanvert Science and Technology Corp., Ltd., Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd., etc. 108 people including representatives of personnel and key employees participated. Through flexible team formation, we formed four teams, namely Dream Team, Helmsman Team, Pioneer Team and Red Eagle Team, to show our strengths, cooperate sincerely and advance hand in hand in the team building activities, showing our own style and carrying forward the spirit of unity and striving to be the first!

Midsummer Basketball Competition

Exercise is the best way to promote relationship. There is nothing that a basketball game cannot solve. The 3rd "Hope Cup" Basketball Friendship Competition of CHG Mechatronics Sector was held in the "Bungcang" Basketball Park in Chengdu Hi-tech West District.

The fierce competition, fast passing, exciting grabs, and cheering shots all showed up in their sweat.

Final record 46:44 (Deepblue Air Conditioner VS Slanvert Technology) [Excellent photo collection]

Midsummer’s Dream Stage

Mechatronics Sector celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to provide a stage for everyone to show themselves, Mechatronics Sector solemnly held a red theme party celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China on the evening of the 17th.

The party kicked off with the singing of "No CPC, No New China".

Vice President Cheng Yifeng, Secretary Ye Jun, General Manager He Jianbo and representatives of various companies formed a jury panel to rate the programs of all participating teams.

The show is wonderful, lively dance, majestic chorus, affectionate and passionate poetry recitation, immersive sitcoms, and vivid and humorous opera... The wonderful program expresses listening to the party, feeling the favor of the party, and following the party, and also shows the versatile and sunny staff of Mechatronics Sector. The leaders of the group sang one after another, which set off the atmosphere of the scene. The midsummer night stayed up and people stayed up tonight.

Midsummer's Trail Walk

The name "Kang Dao" implies both the path of development and the connotation of health.

The trail was 4.8 kilometres long and the night rain had made the climb more difficult, but the enthusiasm of the group was not dampened and the slogans rang out loud and clear. Everyone experienced the cool breeze of the forest, breathed in the air full of grass, saw the greenery of the mountains and the sunlight coming through the layers of leaves on their skin, and their sweat turned into spiritual satisfaction.

Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, gave an enthusiastic mobilisation speech for the event, highlighting safety, courtesy and other precautions. In order to improve the cohesiveness and overall centripetal force of the team and enhance the consciousness and team spirit of the staff, the organising committee stipulated that the whole team's result would be calculated based on the "time of the last comrade of each team reaching the finish line".

A collection of highlights from the Trail Walk

Midsummer's Hope Pioneers

In the end, the four teams successfully completed the competition and met the destination in victory. At the team building summary commendation meeting, after counting the number of red stars, the Dream Chasing Team won the champion of this team building activity. There are bound to be winners and losers in the competition, but more importantly, after the teams' sharing and summing up, we have gained a lot of insights and coalesced our work force.

At the summary meeting, Vice President Cheng Yifeng delivered an enthusiastic speech. He said that this team building activity is not only rich in content and strong in interaction, but also greatly exercises the communication and cooperation between teams, and enhances the cohesion of the Mechatronics Sector team. It fully demonstrates the spirit and overall style of the Mechatronics Sector people. Through this team building activity, I hope that the Mechatronics Sector team will have firm conviction, keep the mission in mind, not forget the original intention, and move forward. He also used the names of the four team building teams to make demands on everyone. He pointed out: The current group is at the moment of carrying forward the past and making breakthroughs, providing everyone with a life stage to showcase their talents, display their ambitions, and embody values. Everyone must have the unswerving "dream-seeking" belief, the diligent "pioneering" spirit, the "red eagle" momentum that pierces the clouds and the fog, the strategizing "helmsman" thinking, and the sense of urgency of "cannot wait". The sense of crisis of “not to be slow” and the sense of responsibility of “cannot sit still” strengthen the foundation and vibrate the vigor, erect the beams and columns to create brilliance, and provide sustainable competitiveness for the development of the group.

CHG Mechatronics Sector's 2021 mid-year team building activities came to a successful conclusion, which strengthened communication between companies and improved team cohesion. The journey is long, only struggle strives. In the future, all employees will work hard and set sail to fully complete the tasks assigned by the board of directors.




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