Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Led a Delegation to Visit Chengdu GIONECO Information Technology Co., Ltd.

On June 28, at the invitation of Chengdu GIONECO Information Technology Co., Ltd. and entrusted by the board of directors, the group vice president Dr. Cheng Yifeng led a team to visit Chengdu GIONECO Information Technology Co., Ltd.. Accompanied by Song Zhiguo, Executive President of Chengdu GIONECO Information Technology Co., Ltd., Tang Xiaolie, General Manager of Policy Research and Development Center, Zhang Zhongkai, Deputy General Manager of Smart City Business Center, Li Xuemei, Deputy General Manager of Media Management Center, and Wu Liu, Minister of Public Affairs Department Survey. Group President Office Director Zhang Min, Senior Manager Zeng Yan, Hope Health Science and Technology General Manager He Jianbo, Chief Engineer Zhang Fan, Hope Koru-IT General Manager Liu Jie, Deputy General Manager Tao Li, Hope Silktalk Deputy General Manager Yang Peng and other personnel accompanied. Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his delegation were warmly received by GIONECO's senior management, including President Song Zhiguo, and visited GIONECO's Yuanguang Centre and Yuanhui Centre, where they felt GIONECO's relaxed and lively, positive and pragmatic working atmosphere.

At the seminar, President Song Zhiguo extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party. He introduced in detail GIONECO's development history, service management philosophy, technological innovation achievements and national business scale. He said that GIONECO has been working in the field of urban public transport since its establishment in 2010, and is committed to using science and technology to promote the "one-hour commute in urban areas" to reduce costs and increase efficiency, to meet the needs of "people" in urban public transport, and to provide a better travel experience for people. We are committed to providing a better travel experience for people.

In the next step, GIONECO will continue to promote the development of urban public transport informatization and intelligence, and launch more intelligent service projects to enhance the happiness of passengers' travel experience in all aspects.CHG is a modern technology-based enterprise, with high technology as its core and comprehensive use of resources as its link, focusing on the layout of "energy saving and environmental protection, circular economy, quality of life, urban symphony, intelligent technology" and other fields, and continues to create value for society with excellent products and excellent services, especially with high-tech products to help scientific epidemic prevention and control. It is worth learning from the company's efforts to provide scientific, safe, effective and convenient public health protection services to the public. We hope that both sides will deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation, promote more projects on the ground, promote each other, complement each other's strengths, synergise and support each other, and build a mutually beneficial and win-win new smart ecology in the public transport scene.

Hope Health Science and Technology, Hope Silktalk and Hope Koru-IT gave presentations on the application of health technology products in the field of urban public transport.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng expressed his admiration for GIONECO's determination to develop and its innovative spirit.GIONECO has been steeped in the fields of intelligent terminals, intelligent integration, intelligent travel and intelligent urban rail for many years, and its products have developed from the initial generation of multimedia self-service information system equipment to intelligent innovative applications such as code sweeping, face swiping, intelligent sensorless ride and passenger flow big data platform, and has advanced the layout of hot spots such as big data, artificial intelligence and face swiping payment, achieved a leading edge and received unanimous praise, and has developed into An outstanding private enterprise in the field of new economy in Chengdu. CHG focuses on people's livelihood and has launched many solutions and products that create a high quality of good living. The Group is very willing to carry out long-term and pragmatic business cooperation with GIONECO with a positive and open attitude and market logic. We hope that both sides can focus on areas of strength, sort out and agree on a list of cooperation, refine the tasks, push forward the implementation and achieve ultimate quality and effectiveness.

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