Happy Children's Day "KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund" Helps Children Grow Up Confidently

People's Daily Online, Chongqing, June 1st On the occasion of the International Children’s Day on June 1st, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund organized colorful celebrations for the “Little Migratory Birds” in KFC restaurants in more than 10 cities across the country, lighting up the festival with “Affirmation of Love”, bringing emotional companionship for left-behind and migrant children in the form of reading, literature, sports, etc.

"KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund" brings children to the world

In 2016, the KFC brand partnered with the China Children and Youth Foundation to create the "KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund", it listens to the voices of the Little Migratory Birds, explores the talents of the Little Migratory Birds, builds a wide platform for them and encourages them to show their confidence. They will be able to see the expectations and more possibilities for the future, and be seen by their parents and by more people.

In the fifth year of its establishment, the "KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund" specially planned the theme activity "Flying with you, watching the world with fun", leading "Little Migratory Birds" from all over the country and different ages to start a fusion of knowledge, talents, sports, etc. The wonderful "journey" of the elements adds valuable experience to their growth path.

This year, the summer theme activity of "Little Migratory Birds' Summer" will be officially launched on the Children's Day on June 1st. "Little Migratory Birds" from all over the country who are passionate and gifted in talents, culture, science, etc. will have the opportunity to participate in themed summer camps in the summer. By then, they will have the opportunity to gain special experience of professional teachers' culture, talent training and stage show opportunities.

In order to cooperate with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund will also carry out the "Little Migratory Birds Winter Camp" this winter to encourage children to exercise their physique and will in sports, bring them closer to sports events, and pay tribute to sports spirit.

In addition to exciting themed activities, Little Migratory Birds book corners across the country on the eve of June 1st received this year's high-quality new books one after another-KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund and Little Book Fan Kingdom jointly invited authoritative experts to develop a new year for left-behind children Book list. These books cover multiple types such as life education, self-protection, exploring the world, and cultural identity. We hope this surprise gift containing knowledge will enable more children to embrace change and create a better future with the company and enlightenment of books.

On May 29, the Chengdu Xinjin Return to Atlantis Amusement Park was full of laughter. In this "Fly-off and See the World with Fun" event jointly organized by Chongqing Women and Children’s Fund and Chongqing KFC, the Little Migratory Birds family from Sichuan and Chongqing spent a happy Children's Day in advance.

After a short introduction, the Little Migratory Birds became acquainted with each other and the atmosphere became more and more enthusiastic.

"Mum, you have to listen to me today, I'm here to protect you!" Xiao Xin from Chongqing was the first to raise her hand and became the "mother", while her mother hid behind her child for the first time. The Migratory Birds had a lot of fun and felt their responsibility in the game.

In the course of the game, Xiao Xin's mother seemed slightly restrained, instead, the lively and cheerful Xiao Xin kept inviting her mother to participate in the game session.

"I and the child's father are usually at work, the opportunity to take them out on weekends, but also let their siblings play, we are waiting on the sidelines," Xiaoxin's mother and father in Chongqing Nanan District, a vegetable market to do some small business, often early in the morning and late at night.

Xiao Xin's mother thought back to the time when she hadn't played with her daughter for a long time, and today's activity made her feel like she had returned to the time when Xiao Xin was still in kindergarten.

"When I was little I was the one who took her and taught her how to play, today it's the other way round and she's teaching me how to play, it seems the child has really grown up." Xiao Xin's mother smiled with relief.

Little Migratory Birds Foundation continues to fly with you on its fifth anniversary

Since its inception in 2016, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund has gone into the mountains and, during one visit after another, got closer to the real lives of left-behind and migratory children, understood their inner needs and provided them with the help they could. To date, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund has set up more than 1,900 book corners in 29 provinces, donated more than 540,000 books and held hundreds of activities for left-behind and migratory children. It has also organised hundreds of activities for left-behind and migratory children, delivering "affirmation of love" to "Little Migratory Birds".

In addition to thematic activities such as reading, arts and sports, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund also pays special attention to children's mental health and parent-child relationship, and has invited professional psychological counsellors to conduct psychological counselling for families with left-behind and migrant children to help them improve their parent-child relationship in a number of pilot sites in Jilin Province.

At the same time, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund is also trying to reach out to KFC restaurants around the world, hoping to provide more help to the mothers of Little Migratory Birds on their journey home. Currently, KFC has opened more than 710 restaurants in Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing and Henan provinces, giving priority to "Little Migratory Birds" mothers to work close to them.

Mrs Xiong, a mother of migrant children, works in Changsha with her children. Before joining KFC, she had been leaving early and returning late, and was unable to take care of her children. Mrs Xiong went into KFC with a bit of a leap of faith and was rewarded with a stable, loving job and the opportunity to spend time with her children. Mrs Peng, who is also the mother of "Little Migratory Birds", is from Hubei and has been working at the KFC near her home for six months, the longest time she has spent with her children.

In the future, KFC Little Migratory Birds Fund will continue to try to provide a "love affirmation" to left-behind and migratory children and their families in more dimensions, helping Little Migratory Birds grow in confidence and bringing parents closer to their children. The programme will help Little Migratory Birds grow in confidence and bring parents and children closer together. (Hu Hong and Pod Tianyu)

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