CHG Smart Epidemic Prevention Helps China Oriental Performing Arts Group

Recently, China Oriental Performing Arts Group sent a letter of appreciation to CHG, thanking Hope Slanvert Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, for lending a helping hand to China Oriental Performing Arts Group by presenting 10 units of Germ Killer 800 and 10 sets of high-efficiency filters at the time of multi-point epidemic outbreaks in Beijing, which provided strong support to COPAG's epidemic prevention work.

In 2020, CHG worked with scientific research institutes and experts to develop five major anti-epidemic systems, including the Central Air Conditioning Anti-Epidemic System, Smart Robot, Germ Killer, and the "Epidemic" Light Kit. If the overall prevention and control of the epidemic in the early stage of the epidemic is due to the situation, what is needed more in the post-epidemic phase is scientific and precise epidemic prevention, and the intelligent epidemic prevention and health series products can achieve this goal.

"Central air-conditioning anti-epidemic system is known as 'N95 Mask' central air-conditioning, using the international leading high-efficiency photocatalyst, a combination of disinfection factors, five interception of viruses, purification and sterilization without dead ends, the device has received 26 authoritative certifications and test reports, suitable for application in hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other public places, to bring people anti-epidemic safety!

The intelligent robots include intelligent delivery robots, intelligent disinfection robots, intelligent temperature measurement robots and other series. At present, the central air-conditioning anti-epidemic system and intelligent robots have been applied in Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and some famous hotels and shopping malls.

In many places where there is no central air-conditioning, another product, "Germ Killer", plays a significant role. Its unique formula and slow-release technology and layered filtration and purification technology achieve efficient purification and anti-bacteria, it’s easy to use and can be placed in any corner of the room. The Germ Killer sterilisation and purification function is far beyond the simple purification function of ordinary air purifiers and has started a new trend of replacing indoor ordinary purifiers.

In the face of the rebound of the epidemic, CHG actively responded by providing technical support to strategic partners such as China Performing Arts Group, helping them to prevent and control the epidemic and contributing to the entire population.

In the future, CHG will continue to actively participate in the prevention and fight against epidemics with the power of science and technology, to promote the new products made in Sichuan "smart" epidemic prevention to the whole country and the world, and to contribute to the global fight against "epidemics" with a small contribution from Sichuan private enterprises.

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