Hope Deep-blue Appears at the 24th China Refrigeration Expo

The China Refrigeration Expo washeld in Shanghai from 8-10 of April and Hope Deep-blue brought its heavyweightproduct, the two-stage hot water heater and cooler. Over the three days, thetwo-stage display for the Hope Deep-blue chiller and heater was frequently thecenter of attention.

It iswidely-known that the best feature of the Deep-blue two-stage heater andchiller is its explosion-proof design, which makes it suitable for flammableand dangerous industries like petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, gas, andothers. It is more energy-efficient due to its waste heat temperaturedifferentiation, and its special anti-corrosion finish makes it suitable forspaces with corrosive gases, which greatly expands the range of itsapplications.

Deep-blueChief Engineer Interviewed by the Media

“Expert Waste Heat Utilization” isthe core concept for Deep-blue. Hope has been committed to its Deep-blue airconditioning and refrigeration products, investing in research and development,sales, and services. As a result, industries like coking, textile,pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and metallurgy have recognized the “ExpertWaste Heat Utilization”. Deep-blue chief engineer Mr. Xiongzi Ping said thatthe two-stage process greatly improves the efficiency of waste heatutilization, which in turn enhances market competitiveness of the products. Inaddition, there are ongoing efforts to strengthen both technical strength andforeign cooperation. Besides mainland China, Deep-blue is actively seekingpartners in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and it is gaining favor andrecognition.

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