Nobel Winner and Stanford Privately Visited Chengdu Atlantis

Stanford businesselites search for high end living experience sample in China

Led by Myron Samuel Scholes, the Nobel winnerand over 32 business elites of Stanford University of 25 countries attendedStanford Business Elites China Dialogue (Chengdu Station) at Atlantis inChengdu, Sichuan, China in the afternoon of March 27th.

This time Stanford University visitingChengdu has abstracted the participation of many scholars and experts ofbusiness, politics and academy. A thought feast of political, economic andcultural exchange between China and western countries was hosted by Mr. LiuWenbin, chairman of Beijing Anjia Media Group and guest profession of BeijingNormal University. Distinguished guests such as Nobel Winner Professor MyronSamuel Scholes, Professor Ding Renchong, vice-president of SouthwesternUniversity of Finance and Economics, Mr. Shen Jian, deputy chief of Sichuanindustrial and commercial bureau, Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, Mrs. LisaAnderson Kelley, deputy director of development section of Stanford BusinessSchool, Mr.Rang Youmin, President of Citibank Chengdu and Professor Liu Leifrom economics and management school of UESTC have expressed their ideas andopinions on current hot issue with respect to economics and society.

All the guests, especially leader of Stanforduniversity highly praised the international vision of Atlantis, top 8 luxuryproperties of China and revealed this visit to Atlantis is to study the reasonof high end living experience sample of China.

Atlantis has become an international thoughtsymbol and a textbook sample for economic elites. Before this visit, Atlantisjust had the guests from Kennedy School of Harvard University and hosted aprofound dialogue between SINO-US economists and entrepreneurs at ocean-heart clubhouse.

How will China’sdecision affect the world?

Professor Myron Samuel Scholes, professorDing Renzhong, Deputy Chief Shen Jian, Dr. Chen Bin, Ms. Lisa Anderson Kelley,Mr. Rang Youmin and professor Liu Lei further discussed the momentum of China’sfuture economic growth, balancing imparity difference between all regions andinternational influence of China’s decision and value.

Dr. Chen Bin, president of CHG referred toChinese economy as a train and elaborated the possible future economic growthof China with respect to investment, export and domestic need. He called forpromotion of private enterprise development based on market nature and governmentempowering, especially the importance of stimulating domestic needs on futuregrowth of China’s economy.

Myron Samuel Scholes highly valued China’sreaction against economic crisis and he insisted that credit cannot be the mainforce against crisis but the promotion of scientific innovation, ideology updateand financial systematic reform are the true momentum for China’s sustainableeconomic development. China’s GDP growth cannot only focus on the number andtrade environment for economic prosperity.

Lisa Anderson Kelley greatly recognized thenatural resources, planning theory, design team and product portfolio. In heropinion, it is extremely rare to see the attitude of building a legendaryartistic luxury project like Atlantis achieved.

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