Diesong Scenic Area honored with 2015 China (Chengdu) Tourism Prestige List “Annual Best Tourist Destination” prize

On February 252016, thanks to the collaboration between three major platforms: Baidu, Today’sHeadline, and Chengdu Daily, allied with the vast tourism data held by the ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences (CASS) news media centre, and the academic support providedby the People’s Daily website’s public opinion unit, “2015 China (Chengdu)Tourism Prestige List” award ceremony was successfully held at the ChengduKernel and Spring Hotel. The ceremony’s awards included the top ten tourist destinations,annual top ten tourist scenic areas, annual top ten most popular touristdestinations, annual top ten tourist paradises, annual top ten hotels, annualtop ten most popular hotels, annual top ten travel companies, annual top tentravel service providers, annual top ten individual media pieces, and annual mostprestigious person in tourism which included ten categories.

Diesong ScenicArea participated as a scenic area candidate, thanks to its richness in naturalscenery making it a tourism asset, and amidst the evaluation by “2015 China(Chengdu) Tourism Prestige List”, was greatly honored to receive thedistinction of “Annual Top Ten Tourist Destination”.

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