Chair of the Loudon County (Virginia, USA) Board of Supervisors, Ms. Phyllis J. Randall and her Delegation visit Atlantis

May15, it is early summer in Chengdu and the sun shines brightly in a clear sky.The Atlantis project once again welcomes guests from distant shores, as theChair of the Loudon County Board of Supervisors, Ms. Phyllis J. Randall, andher delegation from Virginia, USA, pay Atlantis a visit.

Ms. Phyllis J. Randall started her visit at the Ocean StarClubhouse. At the entrance of the Clubhouse is a towering pure copper door thatwas meticulously hand forged by craftsmen, the dome’s hand-painted mural tooktwo months to create, from which hangs an Austrian crystal chandelier weighing1000kg, all of which allowed Ms. Randall to experience the cultural exchangebetween China and the West and the power of heritage. The refined and ingeniousdesign earned Ms. Randall’s repeated praise.

Before arriving at the Clubhouse’s sand table, Continental HopeGroup Real Estate Division General Manager Mr. Wang Danqi introduced theproject to the delegation, explaining to them that Atlantis is a high-endproject in possession of the rare and scarce resource of natural mountains; it representsContinental Hope Group’s pursuit of creating properties that the world’s elitedream of ultimately living in, with projects extending throughout China, the UnitedStates, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countriesand regions. Ms. Phyllis J. Randall listened attentively, occasionally askingquestions, and expressed repeated high praise upon understanding the project,and astonishment at Atlantis’ exceptional natural resources.

Mr. Wang Danqi expressed that, as a luxury real estate investmentoperator Continental Hope Group has not only created a luxury real estateproject, more importantly, it has showcased the first-class real estate’s softpower beyond its physical assets. As world-class business and political leaderscontinue to visit Atlantis and become members of the Atlantis Club, more areable to witness Atlantis’ global elite soft power.

During the course of thesubsequent tour, Ms. Phyllis J. Randall’s delegation couldn’t help repeatedlyexclaiming “It’s amazing!” Ms. Phyllis J. Randall expressed tremendous interestin and approval of Atlantis’ avant-garde concept plan, the standard set by our globaldream team, the unaltered natural scenery, as well as the investment value ofthe art collection and our products’ features, simultaneously displayingheartfelt admiration for Atlantis’ thousand year old original landscape, and inparticular at the ancient Tongji dam dating back 2000 years. As an ancient dambrimming with cultural heritage, it is a unique feature of Atlantis and isextremely rare in China, let alone the world, to which Ms. Phyllis J. Randallexclaimed “It’s so wonderful!”

Afterwrads, Ms. Phyllis J. Randall and her delegation held talkswith Ms. Lui Haiyan, Vice-President of Continental Hope Group, both sidesexchanged gifts, and Ms. Phyllis J. Randall once again thanked her for the warmand thoughtful hospitality. Talks concluded successfully in the friendlyatmosphere, and the visit ended with both parties posing together forcommemorative photos in front of the Ocean Star Clubhouse.


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