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In the 1990s of China, theinverter, also called as the vitamin of modern industry, is highly recognizedby the market because of the strengths of energy-saving, improvable process andhigh automation. Many inverter manufacturers emerged, fostering the first peakof the development of inverter industry. And that’s when Hope Slanvert Scienceand Technology Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Hope Slanvert)was found.

The corporation devoting tofrequency technology R&D, product design, production, sales and service,has won No.1 Brand of domestic Inverter of China thanks for self-innovatedtechnology and accurate market forecasting.

However, over the past 18 years,China’s inverter market even the automation market had experiencedworld-shaking change. After years of steady growth, the market began to showrecession from 2014. According to related statistics, the low-voltage invertermarket decreased 2.2% in 2014, even worse, the figure became 5% in the year of2015. All inverter factories are facing unprecedented challenges, evenSlanvert, had to search for new breakthrough in light of numerous awards.

Breakthrough 1---high voltagebusiness

The past 18 years has witnessedthe battlefield of LV inverter. At present, the technology threshold has beenlowered and the price war has turned the market into a competition red sea. ForSlanvert, to find the new blue ocean might be the best way to occupy the peakof the new market. Mr. He Jianbo expressed that HV business has obtained rapidadvance, the brand-new technical threshold is undoubtedly beneficiary for HopeSlanvert.

As a matter of fact, Hope Slanverthas been placing the HV inverter market ever since 2000. The first HV inverterwent to market in 2003. Till now, Hope Slanvert owns the third generation ofSlanvert. It is stable, reliable and capable of fault self-diagnosis withhigher intelligence. It has been highly recognized for stable operation, highperformance and energy-saving through wide applications in power, metallurgy,cement, municipal works and petrifaction sectors.

According to Mr. He Jianbo,Slanvert has obtained many representative HV projects such as the longestdomestic belt transport, dozens of sets of feed pumps of coal-fired units andthe largest 6000V/9000kW in China, etc.

Breakthrough 2---a transfer fromproduct supplier to solution provider

A transfer from product supplierto solution provider is nothing new in the automation industry. But, to realizean idea needs a long process. The process demands highly in width of productline, sales channel, business integration capability and industry recognition. It’seven harder to change for Hope Slanvert, the single product company. Now we’reglad to say, Hope Slanvert has made the solid steps on the transfer.

He Jianbo also mentioned, HopeSlanvert provided whole solution to 6000V/9000kW feed pump renovation projectfor Xinjiang TBEA and the customer gave us the positive feedback. He said anycompany, only focused on product sales, cannot survive in this market. In thefuture, Hope Slanvert will march forward and become a better solution provider.

Breakthrough 3---continuedeveloping new products

Innovation, is rooted in the bloodof Hope Slanvert and has always been the most important momentum of HopeSlanvert. In 2016, Hope Slanvert released Internet-purpose Hope 1000 andhigh-protection LV Hope 810. Apart from these, Hope Slanvert is working ondeveloping frequency derivatives such as shore power.

Marine shore power means usingwharf power system to supply power instead of fuel generator while docking. Itis known for mitigation control, low noise and high energy efficiency, whichhas become the effective measure to build green port and improve dock competitiveness.Hope Slanvert developed VFPS shore power system to ensure reliable powersystem. In 2016, VFPS shore power system has been successfully applied inXiamen open sea container terminal.

He Jianbo revealed that, besides shore power, Hope Slanvertwill innovate more new products to meet the increasing personalized demands ofthe customer in 2017

Breakthrough 4---strictly controlproduct quality

The enterprise makes quality morethan only products. In the methodology of He Jianbo, the quality of product representsthe reputation of enterprise. The quality decides how long the enterprisesurvive. Therefore, the quality management ranks first in Hope Slanvert.

Thanks for previous development,Hope Slanvert today has built an all-dimensional, all-process quality controlmode for self, mutual and specific inspection.

At present, Hope Slanvert hasestablished an engineer team comprised of quality, failure analysis and pilottest engineers to manage and control product quality. An internal third-partycertifying department---pilot test depart is in charge of third-party test toanalyze and handle major or mass quality issues.

Hope Slanvert not only passed ISO9000:2008and ISO14001, but also won quality certification of EU CE and US UL, markingtop stability and reliability in China.

Themanagement and control of quality brings benefits to Hope Slanvert and ourpartners. He Jianbo further explained that Slanvert will help suppliers tobuild product control system so as to ensure the quality of Slanvert from thesource.

Breakthrough 5---activeapplication of Internet thinking

Facing the internet trend, He Jianbo had some ideas in thetraditional inverter business. He said in 2017, I will actively apply internetmarketing mode. So far we have established T-mall shop and we will signcontracts with a Shanghai industrial products sales platform to promoteSlanvert through Internet. Meanwhile, we will promote the design and color ofthe product to meet Internet needs.

He further revealed Hope Slanvertwill add Internet functions to current Slanvert products. We will installcommunication module to the inverters to realize remote monitor and diagnosisservice for remote feedback. Frankly speaking, as a traditional manufacturingcorporation, Hope Slanvert is exploring the best way to leverage the strengthof Internet. We’re convinced there will fruitful results.

Although the road of China’sinverter industry ahead is worrying, He Jianbo, who has just won the top entrepreneurshipof Chengdu social contribution 2016,  isfull of confidence, He said I hope we can achieve 30% growth and a 40% increaseespecially for HV inverter business. Deep in his heart, he realizes the targetis not easy. Over the past 18 years, every step is accumulated to break throughin 2017, let’s wait and see what happens.


Hope Slanvert, theleading enterprise of domestic inverter, has been developed for 2 decades. Ithas high, medium and low voltage products. 20 years of concentration and persistencecreates the quality of Slanvert. It has been widely used in power, metallurgy,cement, municipal works, light industry, manufacturing, petrifaction and highlyrecognized for stable operation, high performance and energy-saving.

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