Jointly Promoting High-Quality Development of Industry and Finance – CHG and China Merchants Bank Strategically Signed a Contract

On 21st November, Continental Hope Group and China Merchants Bank Chengdu Branch reached a long-term strategic cooperation. Dr Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, and Ms Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of the Group, attended the signing ceremony.

At the simple and efficient signing ceremony, Wang Wenjia, General Manager of CHG Investment, and Cai Jianbo, Assistant President of China Merchants Bank Chengdu Branch, signed the strategic agreement. This time, the two sides reached a long-term strategic partnership, aimed at giving full play to the platform and business characteristics of the two sides, and cooperating in various fields such as marketing, product promotion, and heterogeneous cooperation, to give full play to the advantages of "science and technology + industry + finance", to achieve resource sharing, complement each other's advantages, and to jointly promote the extension and development of the products and services of both sides and to take this opportunity to jointly promote the high-quality integration and development of finance and industry.

Continental Hope Group was founded in 1982, after years of steady development, it has developed into a diversified and comprehensive group with five major industrial sectors, namely, Electrical and Mechanical Intelligence, Energy and Chemical Industry, Real Estate Construction, Cultural Tourism and Hotel, and International Business; and its industries involve more than 20 fields, such as energy saving and transmission control, new energy, central air-conditioning, and epidemic prevention system. The group takes high technology as the core, comprehensive utilisation of resources as the link, and focuses on "energy saving and environmental protection, recycling economy, quality of life, city symphony, intelligent science and technology" to carry out industrial layout, initially forming a close, three-dimensional upstream and downstream industrial chain, and participating in the competition with the mode of large-scale industrial clusters, and is committed to providing the market with excellent products and services, and creating value for the society and mankind.

As one of the leading commercial banks in China, China Merchants Bank has always been adhering to market orientation, customers first, driven by science and technology innovation, and talents, and promoting the sustainable progress of the social economy through its own transformation and development. As a branch directly under China Merchants Bank in Sichuan Province, China Merchants Bank Chengdu Branch, since its establishment, has continued to give full play to China Merchants Bank's brand, innovation, service and strategic advantages to provide professional, efficient and convenient financial support for the economic and social development of Sichuan Province.

The strategic co-operation will inject new momentum into the development of related industries of Continental Hope Group, and empower the retail business and financial products. Both parties will work together to strengthen the integration of finance and industry through a win-win cooperation model and join hands for a win-win situation.

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