Rays of Hope: The Power to Move Forward Together

At the end of the year, it is the starting point to pack up and start afresh. Looking back to 2023, we run to 2024 with the light of hope and the power to move forward together.

Light carries Hope

Over the past year, the people of CHG have witnessed a series of inspiring events. Looking back at the development of the Group in 2023, it is even more exciting! We've always travelled with the light as a thousand sails race forward and the surge of the torrent runs throughout the year.

Light opens up beauty

This year, the noble vision of "making the sky bluer and the world greener and life better" gradually came true. Hope Hydropower was honoured as a Green Factory; Hope Slanvert Technology was not only selected in the national list of "Green and Low Carbon Technologies for Public Organisations", but also honoured as a National Advantageous Enterprise in Intellectual Property Rights, and awarded as an "A-class Taxpayer" for seven consecutive years; Hope Slanvert Technology and Deepblue Air Conditioning were both recognised as Model Integrity Enterprises; Hope Slanvert Technology and Hope Sapphire were both recognised as High and New Technology Enterprises; Hope Electronics Research Institute, Hope Deepblue Energy Technology and Slanvert Transmission Control were recognised as Software Enterprises. Hope Electronic Research Institute, Sapphire, Deepblue High-Tech have been awarded as New and Innovative Enterprises… With the light of Hope, we use our actions to help our planet's green and low-carbon development, and practice the never-ending pursuit of Hope's goal of excellence in life!

Hope Slanvert

From China to the world, from crossing to transcending, the dream moves forward with excellence because of the light.

This year, Hope Deepblue has repeatedly won rewards and honours with its quality and commitment all over the world! This year is the twenty-second year of Hope Deepblue lithium bromide central air conditioning in Pengzhou People's Hospital's continuous stable and reliable operation; its excellent quality and high reliability was officially certified by authoritative institutions, behind the high quality is countless research and development and investment; this year, the ultra-low-temperature lithium bromide absorption refrigeration technology stood out from the thousands of competing science and innovation projects, and was released in the opening ceremony of Science and Technology Fair; this year, Hope Deepblue appeared in CCTV's "Economic Half Hour", and became a representative of advanced intellectual manufacturing in the post epidemic era!

Hope Deepblue

In Austria, Hope Deepblue won the Outstanding Contribution Award from the federal government; in Italy, Hope Deepblue successfully won the Venice government project; in the United Kingdom, Hope Deepblue won the bid of CENTRICA, the largest gas and electricity group in the United Kingdom; with the successful experience and good reputation in many projects around the world, Hope Deepblue continues to contribute to the world's carbon neutrality with its advanced waste heat recovery technology with "Made in China". This fully reflects Hope's never-ending pursuit of excellence in product and service standards!

Hope Taibang

Following the light, we have been going steadily and making great progress.

In this year, the Group invested in Lanzhou Taibang in Lanzhou New District, and continued to increase the in-depth layout of the low-carbon green energy and chemical recycling economy industry in the comprehensive utilisation of clean energy and hydrogen, and owns the only joint production line in China that covers "sodium chlorate-potassium perchlorate-hydrogen peroxide" at the same time. The production process is advanced, mature, highly automated, safe and reliable, and is at the international leading level in terms of core devices and key technologies, and it is also the intelligent production system with the largest single-set production capacity, the lowest comprehensive energy consumption and the most complete automatic control in China. Its "Hope Deepblue" sodium chlorate products have become the leading brand of sodium chlorate industry at home and abroad, and the products are exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America and other regions.

Hope Cloud Smart Valley High-tech Electronic Information Industrial Park

Hope Cloud Smart Valley Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Hand in hand with Hope,Walking with light。

This year Hope Cloud Smart Valley thrived in the motherland, from the Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park to the Hi-tech Zone Electronic Information Industrial Park, from the Chengdu Park to the Hainan Headquarters Economic Park. As an important spatial carrier of regional economic development and innovation and chain main enterprise, it has gathered innovative resources, cultivated emerging industries, and promoted the economic construction of the ecological civilisation circle. It proves with strength: the development space, business potential and creativity of the Hope Industry are unlimited!

Diexi-Songping Valley National Scenic Spot

Atbositown Paradise

When the morning light gently leaps over the towers of Diexi-Songping Valley, Hope Deepblue Energy & Chemicals has already shipped bags of products to all over the world; when the afternoon sun shines brightly on the ginkgo biloba leaves of the Atlantis Golden Dynasty, Hope Deepblue's green central air-conditioning and heat-pump systems, and Hope Slanvert's energy-saving and transmission intelligent control system are safeguarding China's, and even the world's, industries and low-carbon economy; and when the starlight streams down to the shore of the Mumian Lake, Hope Cultural Tourism is putting wings on the dreams of the city, and is at all times using Hope to write the poems and faraway landscapes for the golden era and the quality of life!

Atlantis Golden Dynasty

Hope Outlets Shopping Park

Life is rhythmic and colourful because of light, and we share the brightness and beauty of light.

Whether it is a mechanic inspecting the power grid late at night, or a cleaner sweeping leaves in the cold wind; whether it is an operation and maintenance engineer in a foreign country, or a scientific researcher diligently researching in the R&D centre ...... everyone is a ray of light, and countless individuals converge to form the infinite possibilities of the light of Hope, and become a bright river of stars of CHG!

Hainan Hope Qizi Bay Beach Resort

Hope Lakeside Spring Dawn

Hope in our hearts and light in our eyes.

We walk with the light, we chase the light, become the light, and also gather the light -this is the light of the Hope people, we work together to open the glory and dream of Hope people: the light of the dream is achieved by science and technology innovation, and Hope is found wherever the stars and the sea are seen.

Goodbye 2023, hello 2024!

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