Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, and His Delegation Visited DHHI for Research

Recently, Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, and Jiang Ying, Assistant to the President of China Association of Machinery Enterprises, and his delegation visited DHHI Equipment Group and had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the core business of the two sides.

"It is known as the mother factory of China's machinery industry and the cradle of lifting and transporting machinery." Meng Wei, Chairman of DHHI Equipment Group Co., Ltd. introduced to Dr Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, that DHHI is a key backbone enterprise in the field of China's major technological equipment development and a leading enterprise of the old industrial base in Northeast China, which provides large-scale and high-end equipment and full-life-cycle service solutions for the fields of metallurgy, ports, chemical industry, new energy and so on, and owns the coordinated development of "heavy technical equipment", "rubber and plastic equipment", "pressure vessel" and "new energy equipment".

Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, highly praised DHHI's development history and business areas, and at the same time introduced to Meng Wei, Chairman of DHHI, and his team the development history of Continental Hope Group and the main industrial structure of Continental Hope Group, etc., focusing on the development experience of its international business.

Meng Wei, Chairman of DHHI, expressed his appreciation for the achievements made by Continental Hope Group over the years, and highly affirmed its business philosophy, which is "to take high technology as the core, comprehensive utilisation of resources as the link, and to carry out industrial layout around 'energy-saving and environmental protection, recycling economy, quality of life, city symphony, intelligent science and technology, and international business'".

In the future, the two sides will carry out in-depth exchanges around the internationalisation of operations, core business areas, etc., and jointly assist the high-quality development of China's intelligent manufacturing.

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