China Power丨Hope Slanvert Helps KALTIM2 Power Plant Win Indonesia's "Best Performance Power Plant" Award

Recently, KALTIM-2 2x125MW coal-fired power station project in Indonesia, which is invested and constructed by China Chengda Engineering Co., has successfully completed its first unit overhaul. PLN, Indonesia's national power company, awarded the power plant the "BEST PERFORMANCE POWER PLANT" award, and Hope Slanvert's intelligent solutions also won high praise from the proprietor.

(Source: Chengda Micro website)

As the largest coal-fired power station in Kalimantan Tengah, its efficient and stable operation not only guarantees the local power supply, but also injects strong power into the economic and social development of Indonesia, and at the same time builds a solid energy bridge for the friendship between China and Indonesia.

Under the challenges of the epidemic and the complex external environment, Hope Slanvert, with its excellent technical strength and professional services, took on the heavy burden and ensured the success of the overhaul task of the units of the KALTIM-2 power station project. The overhauled units performed well, with the plant power consumption rate reduced by as much as 15%, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of power generation sharply reduced by about 4.8%, the water replenishment rate reduced from 4.5% to 2.72%, and the annual savings of desalinated water up to 15,000 tonnes, which shows its commitment to environmental protection and energy saving. (Data from: Chengda Micro website)

The units of KALTIM-2 power station project adopt 400t/h high-efficiency coal-fired boilers, new-generation 125MW steam turbines and generators independently developed by China, which fully demonstrates the core competitiveness of "Made in China". Facing the harsh sea environment, the equipment supplied by Slanvert has undergone special anti-corrosion treatment to ensure stable operation under severe salt spray conditions.

It is worth mentioning that Hope Slanvert "pre-assembled inverter drive system" not only has the function of "voltage ride-through", which fully guarantees the safety of the power grid and the load equipment, but also has a perfect protection system, fast dynamic response, and good system stability, which minimises the operation risk and transformation cost of the user.The successful renovation of this power plant has greatly alleviated the problem of power shortage in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, and benefited the general public in countries along the "Belt and Road". It is also a successful example of Chinese enterprises exporting new quality productivity to the world.

In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, with high-quality products and services, to promote China's " intelligent manufacturing " to the world stage, for the global ecological environment construction to contribute more wisdom and strength.

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