The Navigator Says 丨Hope Slanvert: Targeting Emerging Industries to Find New Growth Points


Hope Slanvert is the No.1 brand of domestic inverter in China, and also a leading enterprise in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, transmission control and intelligent equipment in China. It has achieved sustained growth for many years, but where will the future growth come from? As a technology-based manufacturing enterprise, what breakthroughs will be made in technological innovation?

"As the competition in domestic and international markets becomes more and more intense, whoever runs fast in technology will have the right to speak to the market. Hope Slanvert's development is a race against time to empower its products and develop the market with innovative technology." Hope Slanvert general manager He Jianbo said.

Where will future growth mainly come from?

The Navigator Speaks: Hope Slanvert has maintained its leading position in the domestic inverter sector and has achieved consecutive years of growth, where do you see the next phase of growth mainly coming from?

He Jianbo: In recent years, Hope Slanvert's continuous growth for many years is also facing a "gear shift" change. With the real estate market pullback, steel, building materials and other industries shrinking year by year, emerging industries have become a new growth point, such as ports, rail transit, new energy and other industries, which is also the market we continue to target.

Secondly, the domestic medium and large enterprise market is our next major target, replacing foreign brands with Chinese brands, and gradually becoming a leading player.

The transformation of industrial digital intelligence, as well as overseas markets are also future growth areas. We are actively monitoring policy, market and industry changes to find new growth directions.

The Navigator Says: Frequency converters occupy an important place in the executive layer of industrial control systems. What kind of layout does Hope Slanvert have in mind when it comes to digital-intelligent factory retrofits?

He Jianbo: Hope Slanvert technology products cover high medium and low voltage frequency control systems, automated production lines and robot drive control, etc., which can be understood as precise motor control. The operation of machines and equipment are driven by the motor; as long as there is equipment running there is a motor. So it covers a wide range of applications, such as petrochemical, iron and steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries, which are all areas of strength for us to maintain growth.

The State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is promoting industrial digital transformation, we set up a special team, invited the former Tencent chief architect as the technical director, and independently developed software systems to lead the factory digital transformation project. We mainly target small and medium-sized enterprises to help them build digital management platforms and complete digital transformation, and the project has been put on the agenda for commercialisation.

The Navigator Says: As one of the "Made in Chengdu" enterprises going overseas, what are Hope Slanvert's plans to expand overseas markets?

He Jianbo: Although the growth of the global market has slowed down significantly, the international market is also an important incremental area for us, we will continue to accelerate the pace of "going out", to participate in the "Belt and Road", "BRICS" trade, to promote "Made in China" to the international market.

Last year we reorganised our international business department and also recruited expatriate sales staff from Russia, India and Southeast Asia, and this year we will complete the layout of key overseas markets. We hope that through the efforts of two to three years, the foreign trade market will be able to achieve the scale of 300 million to 500 million.

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What Kind of Brand Image Will Be Created in the Future?

The Navigator Says: What kind of brand image does Hope Slanvert want to create in the coming years?

He Jianbo: Over the years, the company has created a brand road of "creating a brand through science and technology, casting a brand through quality, and promoting a brand through service". The company's development goal is to become the world's most cutting-edge industrial automation control system R&D and manufacturing base, an internationally renowned multinational electrical group, and a leading enterprise in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, transmission control and intelligent equipment.

The company has developed a series of transmission and control products, special power supply, photovoltaic inverter, new energy vehicles, intelligent equipment (including robots) and other industrial automation products, as well as air purification and disinfection equipment products, widely used in industrial transmission, new energy drive, building energy saving, environmental management and other fields.

The Navigator Says: What are the company's specific goals for the next 3-5 years?

He Jianbo: the next 3-5 years is also the window period of rapid development of the domestic industrial automation industry, through the integration of advanced manufacturing technology and the concept of Eco-design, Hope Slanvert has developed and launched a series of products such as the first domestic HOPE, VFPS, the Vth generation of SBH and so on, which will become the first choice for replacing the imported products to break the monopoly of the imported brands in the fields of high-end equipment, intelligent ecology, multi-transmission control and so on, and has become the No. 1 domestic brand.

What Are the Future Plans and Layouts?

The Navigator Says: What kind of plans have we made to achieve such goals?

He Jianbo: With the increasingly fierce competition in domestic and international markets, whoever runs fast in technology will have the right to speak to the market.The development of Hope Slanvert is a race against time, using innovative technology to empower the products and expand the market.

This year we also continue to expand the scientific research talent team. And we have established a good relationship with Tongji University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, and the corresponding professional experts and professors team to maintain good technical interaction and exchange. We are working together from technology development to personnel training, etc., so as to provide sufficient personnel for the company's core technology research and development, and to take scientific and technological innovation as the source of power to lay a solid foundation for the company's high-speed development.

The Navigator Says: What are Hope Slanvert's thoughts on the current theme of developing "new productivity"?

He Jianbo: The "new" of new productivity lies in getting rid of the traditional growth path, with science and technology innovation playing a leading role, and it is the productivity that is more integrated and embodies new connotations in the digital era, representing a leap in productivity.

The emergence of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and so on has given rise to a number of new business forms, new things, new models, which have brought about great changes to all industries with unparalleled and huge potential.

I believe that the core of the development of new productivity lies in the talent and innovation. From the very beginning, Hope Slanvert has been insisting on the concept of " establishing the industry by science and technology", and insisting on the best way to introduce talents and retain talents. With a large number of talents, innovation will have the greatest strength.

The Navigator Says: Hope Slanvert is investing very handsomely in talent and innovation. Can you tell us about the company's tech capabilities?

He Jianbo: Hope Slanvert began to set up a technology research and development team from the early 90s, after more than 20 years of exploration, went through the phases of introduction, imitation, self-research and production. Now the company has more than a hundred invention patents, proprietary technology, complete independent intellectual property rights system, is the main unit of national standards, but also participate in the formulation of many international standards and the transformation of the work.

Under the Group there is Chengdu Hope Electronic Research Institute and Postdoctoral Workstation, whose research direction includes frequency conversion and speed control technology, motion control technology, power electronics high-tech, energy and environmental technology research, development and application, and is committed to cutting-edge technological innovation and product optimisation.

The company also set up the "Iron Army Special Warfare Project Department" to build an elite team that is "not afraid of hardship or difficulties". Everyone in the department work together to race against time.

At present, the whole R&D team of the company consists of more than 300 people, and nearly half of the R&D staff are engineers with master's degree or above. In 2024, we will continue to expand our R&D team, and constantly improve the core competitiveness. Only if we do a good job with technology, the enterprise will have a vigorous vitality. (Du Can)

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