President's Column: Science and Technology Innovation Leads Green Development

China Machinery Enterprise Management Association Journal "The Way of Management" Issue 414

Dr Chen Bin, Co-founder and President of Continental Hope Group

The world was free from COVID-19 pandemic in 2023 and entered economic recovery and development, and it was also the year of accumulating momentum. In the face of increasingly complex and severe situation at home and abroad, China is solidly promoting new industrialisation and accelerating the construction of a new development pattern.

At present, China has cumulatively built nearly 10,000 digital workshops and intelligent factories, created 5,100 state-level green factories, and further improved the efficiency of comprehensive industrial resource utilisation. In the context of the country attaching great importance to the construction of ecological civilisation, science and technology innovation leading to green development is the main theme of today's economic and social development, and industry is one of the main fronts.

Scientific and technological innovation leads green development, which requires us to build a resource-saving and environmentally friendly green manufacturing system. As a high-tech-centred enterprise, Continental Hope Group promotes green, low-carbon and sustainable development through its long-term commitment to investment in energy-saving and environmental protection industries and the building of an advanced green manufacturing system.

As a national key high-tech enterprise, Hope Slanvert is one of the earliest enterprises in China to engage in the research of transmission and control technology, and is not only a standard-setter in China, but also participates in the drafting of international standards. Hope Slanvert's high-end customised products have been successfully applied in Xichang Satellite Base, Beijing's National Stadium, Beijing Winter Olympics Ski Resort, Johnson Controls (USA), Daikin (Japan), Kinko's (Indonesia), State Grid and other scenarios and famous enterprises, and continue to contribute to "China's Intelligent Manufacturing" and the development of energy saving, emission reduction and transmission control.

Scientific and technological innovation leads the green development, which requires us to strengthen the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research to promote the construction of "China's intelligent manufacturing". Focusing on scientific and technological innovation, CHG will accelerate the research of key core technologies, create a multi-dimensional "industry-academia-research" platform for manufacturing, talent training and scientific and technological R&D, and further enhance the overall R&D strength, so as to give better play to the role of science and technology leadership.

Hope Deepblue has become the only national key high-tech enterprise of heavy-duty refrigeration and heating equipment in western China, and a member of the leading group of the refrigeration industry's "double carbon". Hope Deepblue continues to contribute to the world's green and low-carbon development: it has achieved the largest intelligent shore power project in China, the largest alumina project in China, and helped the world's first non-compensated air energy storage project to be connected to the grid and generate electricity, as well as the Northwest Petroleum drilling project's "oil-to-electricity" drive programme, and other green and low-carbon engineering operations. In February 2023, the Hope Deepblue heat pump project won the Austrian Federal Government's award for outstanding energy-saving systems.

Science and technology innovation leads green development, which requires us to emphasise the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Continental Hope Group focuses on the key industrial chain, identifies key core technology links, and continues to tackle problems; upgrades traditional industries, and vigorously promotes the renewal of technology and equipment; focuses on strengthening advantageous industries, and consolidates and enhances the advantages of the whole industrial chain; and focuses on fostering and growing emerging industries, and continuously enriches and expands new application scenarios. By taking advantage of its upstream and downstream industrial chain advantages in salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilisation of hydrogen energy and new materials, the Group has created an ecological industry chain of green, low-carbon and recycling economy integrating clean energy, salt chemical industry and cultivation of new materials of gemstones, which is listed in the classic cases of MBA of Harvard University Business School.

The scientific and technological modernisation of the country requires us to accelerate green development led by scientific and technological innovation. This is an important initiative to comply with the development trend of the times and the global demand for cooperation in green and low-carbon development. In the future, Continental Hope Group will continue to support the construction of ecological civilisation and high-quality development with energy-saving and environment-friendly high-tech advanced manufacturing industries. Using its advantages in industrial investment and technology research and development, it will provide users with smarter, greener, low-carbon and highly efficient system solutions, help the transformation and upgrading of China's machinery industry, promote the green and low-carbon development to achieve new results, and contribute Hope's wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the green and low-carbon economy.

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