[Media Spotlight] People's Daily Highlights the Power of the Overseas Chinese Community, Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, Offers His Advice

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

Overseas Chinese discuss China's two sessions: Contribute to China's high-quality development by overseas Chinese

Photo 1: China's 20 millionth new-energy vehicle rolls off the production line at GAC's Eian First Intelligent Manufacturing Centre. By Deng Hua, Xinhua News Agency

Photo 2: Workers in the workshop of Southland Textile Printing and Dyeing Co Ltd in the high-tech zone of Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, are producing cotton products for export to Europe and the United States. By Deng Liangkui, People's Vision

Photo 3: At Dapukou Container Terminal of Zhoushan Port in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, the container ship "Afif Express" is loading goods made in China to "One Belt, One Road" countries. By Yao Feng (People's Vision)

This year, around the expected economic growth targets, expanding the high level of Opening-up, building the "One Belt, One Road" and other hot topics, overseas Chinese not only pay close attention to, and continue to discuss, but also look for a point of compatibility between their personal careers and the development of their home countries. When interviewed by reporters, they expressed their confidence in China's achievement of the major development goals this year, and hoped to play a unique advantage in participating in the development and construction of their home countries and further promote China-foreign exchanges and co-operation.

"It is inevitable that China's economic development will achieve good results."

GDP exceeded 126 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.2 per cent, a growth rate that ranked among the world's major economies; 12.44 million people were newly employed in cities and towns; grain output was 1.39 trillion jin, a record high; disposable income per capita increased by 6.1 per cent, and the income gap between urban and rural residents continued to narrow....... Looking back at the past year, despite difficulties, Chinese economy developed forward.

Han Dongqi, Permanent Honorary Chairman of the Tajikistan Federation of Overseas Chinese, said that in the past year, in the face of an exceptionally complicated international environment and the arduous and heavy task of reform, development and stability, all Chinese people were united, thinking and working together, which was the source of strength for China's steady economic growth, and that "with the country's stability and harmony and the people's endeavour, and the good results of China's economic development are inevitable".

The government work report proposes to implement and improve policies such as stable job rebates, special loans, employment and social security subsidies, and strengthen support for enterprises in industries with large employment capacity. Chen Bin, Executive Vice President of China Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and President of Continental Hope Group, believes that these measures are conducive to stabilising employment and promoting income growth. Continental Hope Group will make use of its industrial chain advantages in the fields of clean energy, salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilisation of hydrogen energy, new materials, etc., to build green low-carbon and recycling economy demonstration projects, which will further drive the development of related industries and employment of personnel.

The monthly minimum standard of basic pension for urban and rural residents has been raised by 20 yuan, the per capita financial subsidy standard for residents' medical insurance has been raised by 30 yuan, and the solution to the problems of adding lifts and parking in old districts has been pushed forward....... As an overseas Chinese media person, Ma Qiang, president of the Egyptian China Weekly, is concerned about the many livelihood initiatives put forward in the government's work report, and he believes that: "These measures show the warmth of China's social governance in a subtle way."

Yao Yong, vice president of the Lao Chinese Chamber of Commerce and vice chairman of the Lao Kittaphone Group, said that the development path of Chinese-style modernisation is not only for the happiness of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but is also conducive to promoting the progress of human civilisation and the peaceful development of the world.

"Overseas Chinese have more confidence in investing and starting businesses in their home country."

"China's economy has shown strong resilience, reform and opening-up have been pushed forward to a deeper level, and policies favourable to the people and the business community have been put into practice one after another. Overseas Chinese have more confidence in investing and starting businesses in their home country." Liang Guanjun, vice president of the China Overseas Friendship Association and president of the United East American Chinese Community Association, said.

The government work report proposes "vigorously promoting the construction of modern industrial system and accelerating the development of new quality productive forces", which attracted the attention of Nan Gengxu, executive chairman of the China Friendship Association of Botswana. "Accelerating the development of new-quality productive forces demonstrates China's emphasis on scientific and technological innovation and its determination to solidly push forward high-quality development." Nan Gengxu said that in areas such as Sino-foreign scientific and technological exchanges and digital economy cooperation, overseas Chinese should give full play to their advantages of internationalisation and specialisation.

"We have confidence." said Jin Hao, president of the Spanish Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, when observing this year's two sessions. He said that overseas Chinese should fully draw on overseas advanced technology and management experience, help high-end, intelligent and green transformation of China's traditional industries, promote Sino-foreign exchanges and cooperation, and do their part in China's high-quality development.

"China's strategic new industries are booming and have great potential, and we will do more to promote China-Tajikistan co-operation in related fields." Han Dongqi said, "Nowadays, there are more and more Chinese new energy vehicles on the streets of Tajikistan, which are praised by local taxi drivers. The member enterprises of Tajikistan Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation are improving the after-sales service of Chinese new energy vehicles in Tajikistan, such as parts and accessories, charging posts, etc., and actively contacting with the locals in the photovoltaic industry."

"China's policy of expanding high-level Opening-up is encouraging."

How will China continue to Open-up at a high level and promote mutual benefit and win-win situation? Overseas Chinese are keenly interested.

Wang Hexing, president of the Chilean Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said the government work report proposes to promote the quality, quantity and stability of foreign trade, increase the attraction of foreign investment, promote the high-quality construction of the "One Belt, One Road", and deepen multi-bilateral and regional economic co-operation. This shows that China is making full use of the "winning formula" of Opening-up for reform and development, and continuing to push forward Chinese-style modernisation to make new achievements.

"Belt and Road' has brought tangible benefits to the countries concerned." Chen Zhen, president of the Central and Eastern European Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the development and cooperation between China and the "Belt and Road" countries has a large space and potential, which has opened the door of opportunity, development and service to the country for the vast number of overseas Chinese, "Overseas Chinese will continue to make more efforts to enhance understanding and trust and strengthen humanistic exchanges and cooperation between China and the 'Belt and Road' co-built countries.

"The government work report puts forward a series of initiatives to expand high-level Opening-up, which can bring a lot of economic and trade opportunities to overseas Chinese businessmen." Bian Jun, president of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Sydney, said that in Australia, many businessmen are interested in cooperating with the China, "We will actively organise visits to China for Australian Chinese businessmen, and continue to bridge the economic and trade exchanges between China and foreign countries."

"China's policy of expanding high-level Opening up is exciting, and Chinese at home and abroad will join hands and work together." Chen Bin said that China's continued Opening-up not only attracts capital and advanced technology and promotes the deeper development of economic globalisation, but also provides a bigger stage for overseas Chinese to participate in the construction of their home country. (Peng Xunwen, Gao Qiao, Xu Lingyuan)

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