Happy Women's Day! To the Strength and Beauty of Every Woman

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In March, we celebrate a special day - International Women's Day. It is not just a holiday, but a time to celebrate women's achievements and affirm their strength. In this era, women build the world with their wisdom and resilience.

In history and today, countless women have contributed to social progress with wisdom and courage. They are the purveyors of knowledge, the guardians of the family and the strivers in the workplace.

Today, we pay tribute to all women: you are radiant because of your self-confidence; you are powerful because of your perseverance. This day, let us all witness the glamour and potential of women.

In the big family of the Group, female colleagues show their talents, dedication and efforts which have made great contributions to the harmony and development of the Group. On the occasion of the 8th March, we would like to extend our high respect and most sincere blessings to all female colleagues. Thank you for your contribution to the development of the Group and for your strength and gentleness in life. May you reap happiness and joy, and may you feel respect and love from the world every day.

Happy Women's Day and may you always shine!

CHG Labour Union

Mar. 8th, 2024

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