Hope Slanvert Selected as "Chengdu Industrial Excellence", and Presented as a Chengdu Intellectual Manufacturing Highlight

On 28th February, the 2024 "Made in Chengdu" Supply and Demand Partnership and Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Chengdu with the theme of "New Engine for Supply and Demand Synergy, New Business Card for Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing".

At the conference, the first batch of Chengdu Industrial Excellence Products was officially announced and released to the world in the name of "Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing". The SBH series of high-voltage inverter products independently researched and developed by Hope Slanvert, a subsidiary of Continental Hope Group, stood out and became a shining star. 

Mr Luo Shen, technical expert of Hope Slanvert, was invited to share his experience as a representative of the company. He briefly introduced the core advantages and application fields of SBH series high-voltage frequency conversion speed control equipment, and released the "2024 Hope Slanvert Supply and Demand List".

Technology, low carbon, eco-friendly, high efficiency and energy saving are the reasons why Hope Slanvert was selected as one of the "Chengdu Industrial Excellence". With the core advantages of Hope130, Hope580, Hope880, Hope2000 and other star products, Hope Slanvert continues to plough into new energy, oil and gas exploration, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, air energy storage and other fields, and has won the global market with the brand image of "Made in Chengdu".

SBH Series Frequency Conversion Products

"This is just the beginning. I believe that there will be more industrial excellence representing Chengdu's industrial culture, more iconic products that reflect Chengdu's strength and image, serve the national strategy and participate in international competition." Zhao Chunjian, Party Secretary of New Economy Committee of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, said that this conference is a concentrated display of Chengdu's industrial excellence, which is of great significance in enhancing the brand image of "Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing", and will help to accelerate the transformation of Chengdu's products into Chengdu's brands; and it is a pragmatic exchange of upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises, which plays an important role in building a mutually beneficial and win-win industrial ecosystem, effectively opening up the supply chain system and market demand resources, and promoting the "chain master + supporting" win-win situation; it is an activity of the government-enterprise collaboration, which is of great value in stabilising the expectation of and boosting the confidence in the development of the enterprises.

(Dr He Jianbo, General Manager of the Intelligent Electromechanical Division of Continental Hope Group, signed the contract as a representative of the chain master enterprises and released the procurement list, the list of collaboration opportunities and the list of industry chain supporting requirements.)

Dr He Jianbo, General Manager of the Intelligent Electromechanical Division of Continental Hope Group, said "Hope Slanvert becoming the representative of Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing is not only a high recognition of Hope Slanvert's product quality, but also a full affirmation of Hope Slanvert's technological strength in the field of transmission and control." He said Hope Slanvert will take this opportunity to continue adhering to the "Excellence Beyond Border" business philosophy, increase investment in research and development, improve product competitiveness, as a key enterprise in the industry chain will also carry out upstream and downstream enterprises linkage. We will help Chengdu industry to build a strong chain and achieve high-quality development!


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