Yang Jun, Deputy Director of Lanzhou New District Administrative Committee, and His Delegation Visited the Group; Dr Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Attende

On 28th February, Yang Jun, member of Lanzhou New District CPC Working Committee and Deputy Director of Administrative Committee, Zhao Yuning, Secretary of Party Committee of Qinchuan Park of Lanzhou New District, Zhang Youxian, General Advisor of Lanzhou New District Chemical Industry Park and Doctoral Supervisor of College of Resources and Environment of Lanzhou University, and their delegation came to visit the Group for discussion and exchanges. Dr Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, attended the meeting, accompanied by Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Continental Hope Investment and Development Corp., Ltd, Tang Zhizhong, Assistant General Manager of Energy and Chemical Division of the Group, and relevant personnel, and the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges in the field of energy and chemical industry around the investment and construction, and production and development.

"'Hope' is taken from an inscription to the company by Song Jian, then State Councillor and Director of the State Science and Technology Commission: 'The Hope of revitalisation of China's economy hinges on socialist entrepreneurs'." Wang Wenjia introduced CHG's development history and industrial overview to the guests, and highlighted the strategic layout of the group's Energy and Chemical Division in Lanzhou.

At present, Lanzhou Taibang has the only joint production line covering at the same time "sodium chlorate-potassium perchlorate-hydrogen peroxide" in China, which fully realises the comprehensive utilisation of resources. The production process is advanced and mature, with a high degree of automation and reliable safety performance, and is at the international leading level in terms of core devices and key technologies: it also has the largest single-set production capacity, the lowest comprehensive energy consumption and the most complete automatic control system at present.

During the session, Yang Jun said, "The New District will continue to serve the advantageous industries, encourage the strong development of the leading industries, support the expansion and upgrading of enterprises, promote the extension of the industrial chain, and constantly improve allocation of elemental resources and efficient service." He pointed out that CHG, as a representative of outstanding private enterprises, is deeply ploughing into industry segments and focusing on the development of the real economy of science and technology innovation, which is a flag of Chinese private enterprises, and he hoped that the Group's Energy and Chemical Division will continue to play a leading role in the industry, and carry forward the advantages of the green, low-carbon and recycling economy industrial ecosystem chain in Lanzhou New District.

Dr Cheng Yifeng expressed his warm welcome to Director Yang Jun and his delegation, and thanked them for visiting the Group at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and he believed that the Group's Energy & Chemical Division would continue to achieve high-quality development with the support of the New District.

He said that under the guidance and support of Gansu Province and Lanzhou New District, Taibang Chemical, invested and put into production by the Group, is an important link in the green circular economy industry chain created by the Group, which applies the concept of cleaner production to the hi-tech chemical enterprise with efficient development and comprehensive utilisation of salt resources, and carries the Group's concept of leading the development of the enterprise with scientific and technological innovation.

In the future, the Group will continue to expand the scale of investment and production in Lanzhou New District, deepen the industrial layout in Lanzhou New District, form a green circular economy Energy & Chemical Division, advanced manufacturing industry ecosystem, and realise the continuous assistance to the construction of strong chain clusters in Lanzhou New District, help revitalise the national industry, and promote the industry's high-quality development.

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