Intelligent Wellness Carnival | Hope Intelligent Featured at Senior Expo

CHENGDU / International Senior Services Expo

On 9 March, the 6th China-Chengdu International Senior Services Expo was launched in Chengdu. Under the guidance of Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, Chengdu Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Expo Bureau, Chengdu Municipal Market Supervision Administration Bureau, China Association of Social Welfare and Elderly Services, etc., the Expo was organised and supported by Sichuan Provincial Hospital Association, Sichuan Provincial Medical Instruments Industry Association, Sichuan Provincial Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Chengdu Chamber of Commerce of Health Services and Chengdu Elderly Services Association. Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hope Intelligent") was invited to participate as a leader in the field of intelligent wellness and health care. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Continental Hope Group, and He Jianbo, General Manager of Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd.

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, carry out the Healthy China Strategy, actively cope with the ageing of the population, promote the high-quality development of the medical and health care industry and the elderly service industry, advance the development of the integration of medical and health care, and promote the integrated development of the Chengdu metropolitan area and Chengdu-Chongqing elderly care, the fair set up a total area of 36,000 m² of exhibition halls, with more than 800 exhibitors from all over the country, and 5 special forums were held in its duration. Hundreds of industry experts came to the exhibition to exchange and share their views on the development of the medical and elderly care industry and to create a better future together.

At the opening ceremony, the Chengdu Metropolitan Area Senior Care Alliance, which was jointly launched by the senior care service (industry) associations of Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang, was officially established. Wu Yushao, former Deputy Director of the National Office for the Aging, Vice President and Professor of the Institute of Ageing of Fudan University, Yu Jianwei, President of the China Foundation for the Development of Ageing, Li Guanghao, the Consul General of the Korean Consulate General in Chengdu, Yang Yunjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and Dr Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, were among the key leaders and guests on stage to witness the event.

Wang Xiaoping, Level 2 Inspector of the Sichuan Civil Affairs Department and Chairman of the Sichuan Association for the Development of Elderly Services, Park Weonseo, Chairman of the Chengdu Branch of the Korean-Chinese Cultural Association, Huang Zaijun, Chairman of the Chengdu Association of Elderly Services, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group and other key leaders and guests of the conference led a tour of the Exhibition Hall and visited more than 10,000 medical and elderly products from more than 800 brands from across the country in the fields of elderly services, home care, ageing-friendly renovation and intelligent elderly care.

The first stop of the tour was the Hope Intelligent Showroom of Continental Hope Group, where Vice President Cheng Yifeng introduced to the guests the advanced products and technologies of Hope Intelligent in the areas of intelligent wellness, green environmental solutions and healthy living.

At the exhibition, Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Continental Hope Group, introduced that Hope Intelligent is currently working on the concealment and convenience of intelligent wearable devices to allow the elderly to monitor their health without feeling any intrusion.

Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Continental Hope Group, interviewed by ChinaNews

Intelligent robots, intelligent wellness hardware and IOT platform devices, and other intelligent products from Hope Intelligent received unanimous praise, attracting many exhibitors to watch and experience them, which was also widely coverd by the media.

Cloud tour of Hope Intelligent

Intelligent Wellness Area

With intelligent devices, IoT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other information technology as the core, Hope Intelligent builds a new accurate wellness model that includes "healthcare, nursing, recovery and recreation" with interconnected health data and professional services. It is a one-stop intelligent wellness solution covering "hospital, clinic, community and home".

All-in-one medical examination machine attracts crowds of people to watch and experience

Mr. He Jianbo, General Manager of Hope Intelligence, showed the guests a series of products of the Intelligent Wellness series, and talked about the design concept of the intelligent care beds and other products, as well as the difficulties and key points encountered during the research and development process, and optimization measures. He emphasized that only by truly understanding the "customer needs", pragmatic research and development, empowering the "elderly" with technology, and taking into account the technical innovation of hardware and software, can we implement and improve the intelligent wellness services and bring a better and more comfortable experience to the users.

Green Environment Area

In line with CHG's vision of "a bluer sky, a greener world and a better life", Hope Intelligent provides green environmental solutions with care and power.

Hope Intelligent provides a full set of air purification and disinfection solutions for public places such as hospitals, wellness institutions, as well as homes. The intelligent disinfection robot and a series of air disinfection equipment featuring plasma, UV and hydrogen peroxide unveiled at the exhibition, instead of providing passive protection, are capable of proactive, autonomous and dynamic disinfection to achieve intelligent and precise air disinfection and air quality management for all-scenario 24/7.

Hope Intelligent Robot at work

Healthy Life Area

Hope Intelligent has created a series of personal protection products featuring the silver ion vesicle technology jointly developed with the Swiss HeiQ team: anti-bacterial and anti-viral silk scarf masks, gloves, home wear and alcohol spray, and the Epidemic Light Box (an air purifier suitable for car air purification and formaldehyde purification). People can enjoy a comfortable and healthy life with all-round protection, from the individual themselves to within 100 metres of the individual's living space.

Hope Intelligent Technology

The Hope Intelligent Technology division provides solutions and services in disinfection sensory control, intelligent wellness system, adheres to technological innovation, product + platform as the core, and empowers intelligent health management.


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