Mr. Zhang Bailing, Executive Director and Party Secretary of Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd., and His Entourage visited CHG

On 12th May, Mr. Zhang Bailing, Executive Director and Party Secretary of Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd, Mr. Xu Hong, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Wang Hongyuan, Manager of Technical Development Department, Mr. Dong Chenglin, Manager of Southwest Drilling Branch and Mr. Li Xiong, Head of General Manager's Office visited CHG for research and guidance. Entrusted by the Board of Directors, CHG Vice President Cheng Yifeng, Director of Enterprise Management Wang Hua, General Manager of Mechatronics Division He Jianbo, Chief Engineer of Disinfection Products Division of Mechatronics Division Zhang Fan, Executive Vice General Manager of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd. Li Qianbo, General Manager of Chengdu Hope Slanvert Electric Corp., Ltd. Xu Guohua and Senior Manager of Group President's Office Zeng Yan accompanied the research.

Secretary Zhang Bailing and his party first visited the Group's image display centre and investigated in detail the intelligent temperature screening system, intelligent nursing beds, intelligent disinfection robots and other products. Secretary Zhang Bailing spoke highly of the Group's products.

The two sides had a discussion and exchange on the corporate management system, corporate culture and the direction of cooperation. At the meeting, Director Wang Hua introduced the organizational structure of the Group and the Group's industrial sectors. General Manager He Jianbo introduced the products and application projects of Slanvert Technology, DeepBlue Air Conditioner and Hope Health Technology.

Secretary Zhang Bailing said that the research was very rewarding and deeply felt. Not only did he learn about the institutional advantages and management dividends of private enterprises, he also gained a deep understanding of CHG's determination to grow steadily. In the past 40 years of development, it has always adhered to the market-oriented approach, focused on industry segments, accumulated momentum and sought change, and eventually became a trustworthy national enterprise, which was well received by the society. It is hoped that the two parties can establish long-term contacts, join forces and complement each other in the future. CHG is also welcome to visit Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd..

Mr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Sinopec Zhongyuan, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Bai Ling for his visit to the Group on the special anniversary of May 12, and said that Sinopec Zhongyuan has always maintained world-class technology and is a leader in the industry with its business expansion both at home and abroad. CHG insists on technology-driven, operational excellence, continuous innovation and real work. It has a good foundation and technical advantages in the mechanical and electrical fields, and there is greater room for cooperation between the two. We sincerely welcome Secretary Bai Ling to come back to the Group for future research.

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