Warmly congratulate---20MW ultra-high power products through 168 hours of experimentation

On May 17, 2024, the Hope Slanvert 20MW ultra-high-power, air-cooled, inverter speed control plant completed 168 hours of continuous full-load testing.

20MW is not only a numerical transcendence, but also the embodiment of the spirit of "Created in China". While accelerating the technical innovation of domestic industrial equipment, it also provides solid support for green and low-carbon transformation.

Craftsmanship quality, tailor-made. The equipment can be used in LNG, steel, chemical industry, test power supply, air compression energy storage and other high-standard and high-reliability fields. Through the comprehensive and rigorous "168" test, its durability and stability in harsh environments and changing working conditions have been verified. Under full load condition, the system's operating efficiency reaches over 97%, far exceeding the industry standard.

High stability

Vector control technology, featuring large low-frequency torque, small torque pulsation and fast dynamic response. Combined with non-disturbance switching technology, it meets the demand of heavy load starting and motor soft starting.

High reliability

Adopt automatic voltage stabilization technology (AVR function), dual power supply redundancy design, even in the frequent fluctuation of the power grid, can ensure that the output voltage is not affected, so that the production process is more stable

Highly adaptable

Adopting anti-shaking and anti-interference technologies, it has superb high and low voltage ride-through performance, and automatically adopts the optimal control strategy to ensure the safe operation of the equipment when there is a short-time power loss in the power grid.


Compared with water-cooled equipment, air-cooled equipment has the advantages of simple maintenance, does not depend on the quality of cooling water, and can be operated in a low-temperature environment (-35 ℃) without special insulation materials, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the equipment.

Hope Slanvert will continue to uphold the corporate mission of "Energy Saving in China Transmission of the world", with the wisdom and unremitting efforts of the team, to overcome the "necklace" technical problems. Accelerate the process of domestic substitution, bring more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to global customers, and work together to create a better future of sustainable development. (Contributed by Hope Slanvert Technology)

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