Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, Attended the Symposium of the "Three New" Alliance to Seek New Development Opportunities in the Southwest Region

On May 20, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, was invited to attend a seminar for some enterprises of the "New Energy, New Infrastructure, New Industry" alliance organized by the Southwest Regional Headquarter of China National Energy Construction (CNEC Southwest Investment Company) in Chengdu. The purpose of this meeting is to unite and lead the members of the "Three New" Alliance to actively practice the national "dual-carbon" goal, focus on the development concepts of "innovation, greenness, digital intelligence and integration", focus on "New energy, new infrastructure, new industry, new materials" integration and development areas, the use of rich resources and broad market space in the southwest region, to promote the "three new" alliance members to discuss and build together, integration, innovation and creativity, and open up a new situation of market development in the southwest region. The three new" alliance members will be promoted to discuss and build together, integrate and innovate, and open up a new situation for market development in the southwest region.

In 2022, China National Energy Construction Corporation (CNEC) took the lead in launching the "Three New" Alliance, which takes "energy+infrastructure+industry" as the link, based on the synergistic sharing of industrial resources, and using the combination of production and financing projects as the carrier, aims to unite and cooperate to jointly explore the market, and contribute wisdom and strength to the country, localities, and various industries. It aims to unite and cooperate with each other to explore the market together and contribute the wisdom and strength of the alliance to the national, local and various industries. Over the past two years, the alliance has realized a high starting point, high standard promotion and high quality development.

At the meeting, the alliance enterprises introduced their own situation, industrial advantages and cooperation ideas, and around how to take advantage of their own strengths, through the "three new" alliance as a platform for integrating the advantageous resources of member enterprises, to achieve win-win cooperation carried out a wide range of warm exchanges. During the meeting launched a number of proposed cooperation projects, the relevant enterprises will keep an eye on the goal, pragmatically promote the project landing, and promote the sustainable development of the alliance enterprises.

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