Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, and his delegation went to CMMA for investigation and exchange.

On May 14th, Dr. Chen Bin, Co-Founder and President of CHG, Ms. Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of CHG, and Mr. Chen Hao, General Manager of Beijing Hope Slanvert Electric Co., Ltd. and their delegation visited CMMA. CMMA President Yu Zhongchi, Executive Vice President Yang Yiping and Assistant President Jiang Ying warmly received the visit.

President Yu Zhongchi introduced the basic situation of the association and the key projects carried out by the association to President Chen Bin and his delegation. He said that as a comprehensive management association of the machinery industry, the Association has always adhered to the "leadership, service, innovation, gathering source" concept, around the enterprise's needs and wants, gathering resources, build platforms, do services.

CMMA annually carries out the theme exchange activities of "Special Management Enhancement Work for Enterprises in the Machinery Industry", selects benchmark enterprises with international advanced level and unique innovative experience in management, and organizes on-site exchanges and learning for middle and senior managers of enterprises in the industry. Members of the leadership team of the benchmark enterprise analyze management experience from different dimensions and promote advanced enterprise management ideas, concepts and methods. At the same time, CMMA also has a large national craftsmen chapter, bringing together 100 masters in the fields of welding, CNC, intelligent manufacturing and so on. Activities are carried out in the form of inheritance of master craftsmanship, skills training, subject research, technical exchanges, master and apprentice inheritance, and so on.

Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, introduced and exchanged views on the Group's development history and main business areas during the seminar. He said that CHG has now developed into a diversified and comprehensive group integrating five major industries, including electromechanical intelligent control, energy and chemical industry, real estate construction, cultural tourism and hotel, and international business. The industry involves energy saving and transmission control, new energy, central air-conditioning and intelligent epidemic prevention system, construction engineering, intelligent engineering, salt chemical industry, power grid, hydroelectric power station, new materials, high-end hotels, business, scenic spots, parks, real estates, intelligent health, as well as feed, food, finance, investment, artificial intelligence, and great health.

Dr. Chen Bin said that in the future, he will make full use of the CMMA platform advantages, give full play to the industry advantages of CHG, and participate in the keynote speeches, round-table dialogues, empowerment trainings, exchanges and docking activities hosted by the association, so as to pass on the experience for the " specialized, refined, distinctive and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises, and to inject the new impetus for the high-quality development.

President Yu Zhongchi highly affirmed the important role of CHG as the flag of Chinese private enterprises, especially its outstanding achievements in the fields of electromechanical intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection, and intelligent recreation. Dr. Chen Bin said that in the future, CHG will continue to support the energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-tech advanced manufacturing industry under the guidance of CMMA to help build an ecological civilization and high-quality development. Utilizing the advantages in the field of industrial investment and technology research and development, we will provide users with smarter, greener, low-carbon and highly efficient system solutions, help the transformation and upgrading of China's machinery industry, promote the green and low-carbon development to achieve new results, and contribute our hopeful wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the green and low-carbon economy.

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