Dreams Are Built with A Child's Heart, Happy Children's Day! Let Love And Hope Shine In The Time Of Childhood.

You are the treasure in my heart,

Willing to create all the beauty for you.

Want to take you to explore the beauty of the world,

And experience the magnificence of sunrise and sunset with you.

I want to take you to see the sea,

Bathe in the sunlight,

Breathe the pure air.

Watch the sun slowly set into the sea,

The waves dyed with the colors of the sunset.

At night, the stars twinkle,

You are the joy I hide in the sea breeze.

I want to take you to see the mountains,

Walk through alpine meadows,

Admire the colorful autumn forests.

Listen to the whispers of the mountain wind,

Follow the singing of the returning mountain sparrows.

Discover the secrets of the forest,

Feel the masterful work of nature.

I want to take you to experience the wonders of childhood,

By the serene lakeside,

By the ancient dyke,

Enjoy endless joy.

In a dreamy wonderland,

Be brave little explorers with the children,

Keep childlike innocence and endless laughter.

Perhaps one day you will travel far,

To pursue the dreams in your heart.

May you always hold a child's heart,

As pure as a young boy,

Untainted by the mundane world,

Let dreams guide your way forward.

You are the dawn's light, destined to illuminate the earth.

You are the tender bud of early spring, destined to flourish.

With dreams in your heart, bravely move forward,

Home will always be your warm harbor.

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