Liu Yongyan, Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, Attended the Alumni Symposium of UESTC

Promoting the Development of Combustible Ice and Aiding the Green Energy Revolution

'The senior brother has been doing research, what reason do we have to lie flat?’ says Hu Jun, president of UESTC, at the Alumni Symposium. He said that the future of UESTC will focus on the top-tier strategy of science and technology strengthening the nation, on the training of talents, the transformation of results, university-land cooperation, industry-teaching integration to carry out information technology as a guide to the comprehensive governance of the university programme.

On 1 June, UESTC President Hu Jun had an in-depth exchange with representatives of famous alumni in Chengdu on the development and construction of the university. Nearly 20 alumni representatives, including Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group and Chairman of Continental Hope Group, Gao Xianwei, Director of 29 Institute of CEC, and Liu Geng, President of China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute, participated in the event. Combined with their personal work experience, the alumni offered advice on talent cultivation, achievement transformation, school-local co-operation, and integration of industry and education, especially for the school's leading role in integrating the provincial colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and well-known enterprises of high-quality resources in the construction of the Sichuan Province Artificial Intelligence Institute. Vice President Kong Lingjiang presided over the exchange activities.

‘I am 80 years old this year, but it is the peak period for me to engage in scientific research and creation.’ Chairman Liu Yongyan was the first to speak, ‘As alumni, we are very concerned about the development of our alma mater, especially the breakthroughs in emerging science and technology. ‘He pointed out that it is the critical moment of global energy transition, and the development and use of clean energy will usher in unprecedented development space. In particular, the field of science and technology based on his theory of generalised combustible ice will continue to drive technological innovation and help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

The concept of generalised combustible ice, proposed by Chairman Liu Yongyan, is based on the discovery of natural gas hydrates in the scientific and technological research and development, production and operation of Continental Hope Group's Energy Division, which will be more readily accessible than the concept of combustible ice. ‘As long as certain conditions are met, it can be obtained continuously in lakes and abandoned mines.’ Chairman Liu Yongyan said its abundant and widely distributed reserves have been hailed as ‘the energy treasure of the future’. Compared with traditional fossil fuels, generalised combustible ice produces little carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions when burned, making it an important part of the clean energy transition.

Led by the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, the Energy and Chemical Division of Continental Hope Group continues to explore and practice in the field of green energy, focusing on the development of clean energy and green energy chemical projects. Through the successful operation of hydroelectric power station and salt chemical projects, it has effectively integrated the energy industry chain, promoted the research and development and application of new materials, and constructed into a green, low-carbon and recycling economy industrial ecological chain, which is included in the classic cases of Harvard Business School MBA.

The atmosphere at the symposium was warm, and after President Liu Yongyan's speech other distinguished alumni combined their work experience and actively offered advice and suggestions, launching in-depth discussions on topics such as talent cultivation, achievement transformation, school-local co-operation, and industry-teaching integration. The alumni paid special attention to the university to lead the integration of the province's colleges and universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises of high quality resources, the construction of the Sichuan Artificial Intelligence Institute, an important project, put forward a lot of constructive comments and suggestions.

Finally, UESTC President Hu Jun expressed his gratitude to the alumni for their enthusiastic participation and valuable suggestions. He said, ‘This symposium has built an important communication platform between alumni and our alma mater, and the wisdom and strength of all of them will surely inject new impetus into the development of the university. We look forward to more such opportunities in the future to work with all alumni to give advice for the development of the university.’

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