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CHG and Taikang Insurance Group Met and Exchanged Views on In-Depth Cooperation in the Field of Recreation and Health Care

Recently, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, led a team to visit Taikang Insurance Group's first flagship retirement community in Southwest China, Taikang Home - Shu Yuan, and had an in-depth exchange with Chen Ying, General Manager of Taikang Home Southwest Region and General Manager of Shu Yuan Community, and his team. The two sides discussed how to jointly realize the construction of a multi-scenario, all-round and intelligent recreation and healthcare ecology, accelerate the creation of a new model of digital recreation and healthcare services, and help the high-quality development of the recreation and healthcare industry.

Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, said that CHG will give full play to its advantages in project layout and industry chain, integrate resources, enhance in-depth integration and strive to achieve tangible results. Through the full cooperation with Taikang Insurance Group, we will promote the high-quality development of the recreation and health care industry, promote the quality and efficiency of elderly services, and enable more people to enjoy a comfortable, convenient, professional and characteristic quality of life in recreation and health care.

The two sides said that they will take advantage of their respective strengths and use intelligent recreation as the starting point for cooperation, and plan to establish an all-round partnership around the fields of elderly care, health management, medical treatment and rehabilitation to form new development advantages. Together, they will promote strategic cooperation in the fields of intelligent medical care, intelligent recreation, health management and medical and health care integration, and promote the scientific development of the health and retirement industry.


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