Another World’s “Best” Joined Hope Deepblue’s Clientele

Recently, Hope Deepblue's foreign trade team successfully signed an order for a hot water brominator, a seemingly insignificant order, but Hope Deepblue has once again added a powerful client partner with the "best" status in the world.

The hot water brominator for this order will be used at the Italian plant of the Tenaris Steel Pipe Group. Tenaris is a well-known multinational group in Luxembourg, founded in 1909, known for manufacturing seamless steel pipes, and is the world's largest manufacturer of seamless steel pipes.Its business scope includes steel pipes for oil and gas exploration and development, technologically advanced special wire connections, high-end accessories and equipment, oil (gas) pipelines, seamless steel pipes for hydraulic cylinders, seamless steel pipes for oilfield accessory tools, seamless steel pipes for engineering cranes, and seamless steel pipes for construction machinery and offshore platform structures, and its factories can be found all over the world. The export volume of seamless steel pipes accounts for 20% of the world, especially the export of oil special pipes accounts for 30% of world trade, occupying the first place in world trade. In Chinese popular parlance, it is the industry's "singles champion", and it is the world singles champion.

In recent years, Tenaris has expanded and invested in factories across Europe. The Italian plant for the purchase of bromine equipment, located in Bergamo, near Milan in northern Italy, is building a new Tenaris industrial park. The hot water brominator will be used in the trigeneration system of the new office building there.

Facing the fierce competition of many excellent peers, Hope Deepblue has won the favor of more and more world-renowned users with advanced technology, reliable quality, all-round service and perfect solutions, and has become a brand model for "China's intelligent manufacturing" to internationalize. EU Centre, Boeing aircraft, Ferrari cars, Michelin tyres, Coca-Cola, PRADA, Papal Hospital... Countless successful cases in dozens of countries and regions on five continents are the best proof and reference.

Hope Deepblue

Hope Deepbluee Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd. is located in the West District of the Chengdu High-Tech Development Zone, Sichuan Province, and is a national key high-tech enterprise. The company has strong technical advantages and has obtained nearly one hundred patents and proprietary technologies. We have developed and produced various types of lithium bromide absorption chiller and hot water units, lithium bromide heat pumps, various types of vacuum central hot water units and atmospheric pressure hot water boilers, distributed energy systems for cooling, heating and electricity, and air purification and disinfection products. It has become a recognized "waste heat utilization expert" in the field of coking, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, power plant and other industries, and has been awarded as "the leading enterprise in the field of waste heat recovery in China in the world environmental protection and new energy industry".

Hope Deepblue, making the world green and the sky blue!

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