Continental Hope Group and Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. Held Discussion and Exchange

On October 9, Wang Huailin, Deputy General Manager of Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited CHG. Zhou Jiachao, Office Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co. Ltd. and Yang Yi, Party Committee Member and Executive Director of International Tennis Centre, Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. The two sides had a discussion and exchange on the cooperation and other matters. Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, attended the meeting. Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors of CHG, He Jianbo, General Manager of Intelligent Technology Division, Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Investment and Development Corp., Ltd., and other leaders of CHG and persons in charge of some industrial divisions attended the meeting.

During the exchange, Deputy General Manager Wang Huailin and his delegation first visited the Group's Hope Chaoda Sports and Tennis Centre located in Chengdu Homeland Hotel, which is part of the Group. On the spacious and bright tennis court, the gold medal coaches and national athletes trained by Hope Chaoda were valiant and vigorous, and their good spirits made the guests admire them. Over the years, Hope Chaoda has gone into the campus, stressing sports and culture both, and has sent a large number of outstanding talents to the country.

President Chen Bin extended a warm welcome to Deputy General Manager Wang Huailin and his delegation and introduced CHG's history of development and innovation to him, sharing the Group's experience in business management. President Chen Bin said that CHG specialises in "doing small things, doing real things" and concentrates on exploring markets and pursuing development. Over the years, with its technology and experience, CHG has launched a series of effective solutions in the field of health and wellness, intelligent elderly care and intelligent epidemic prevention, which have won praise from all walks of life. Nowadays, the state advocates that state-owned enterprises and private enterprises should work together, explore and innovate together, strive for complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, carry out multi-dimensional and multi-forms cooperation, and make contributions to the country, the people and the enterprises.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng said that healthcare for the elderly is a national proposition and a subject for urban development. As a private enterprise with a history of 40 years, CHG has been actively responding to the requirements of national policies and taking social responsibility for many years, doing its best for economic development and social livelihood. Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a provincial head enterprise with a large scale, a complete industrial chain and a rich business model in the field of health and has similarities with CHG in terms of corporate culture, and has made achievements in the fields of technology and health. After this communication, the two sides should join hands and deepen their cooperation to turn their plans into reality, taking into account the political significance, economic benefits and social impact, and going hand in hand to achieve the effect of "1+1>3".

Vice General Manager Wang Huailin thanked the Group for its warm reception and highly recognized and praised the Group's overall planning, business philosophy and achievements in related fields. As a state-owned enterprise with a long history of more than 30 years, Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. should learn from CHG in terms of operation. There is much room for exploration in the cooperation methods and projects between the two sides, especially in the fields of big health and elderly care, and we hope to further deepen the communication and cooperation.

Through this meeting and exchange, both sides enhanced their understanding and mutual trust. CHG, as a private enterprise, will learn from the state-owned enterprise benchmark, Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. and establish a win-win situation of cooperation.

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